RINO: Thom Tillis Filed Bill to Save Obamacare

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) likes to pick up water for Democrats and carry it as far as he can, patting himself on the back all the while, before putting it down to campaign as a “conservative.” He rages against the ‘Far Right’ more than he ever attacks the Left. Recently he has come out to suggest there be no physical wall at the border, and that DACA recipients should be granted pathways to citizenship.

Now he is taking legislative action to save Obamacare; a monstrosity the repeal of which Tillis campaigned on in 2014. Tillis filed S. 3388 to preserve key parts of Obamacare, namely the mandated coverage of pre-existing conditions.

This is the part of the socialized healthcare model that actually contributes to lion’s share of increased premiums for health insurance. It makes logical sense; if insurers are forced by law to cover the costliest of patients, no matter what, then the average cost for coverage goes up. These provisions are obviously popular with people that have pre-existing conditions, as well as those who form their political philosophy based on their ‘compassion’ with other people’s money. In actuality, it is a Big Government, anti-freedom policy that, if expanded into other realms, constitutes socialism itself.

And Tillis wants to make sure it never goes away.


“(a) Guaranteed Issuance Of Coverage In The Individual And Group Market.—Subject to subsections (b) through (d), each health insurance issuer that offers health insurance coverage in the individual or group market in a State must accept every employer and individual in the State that applies for such coverage.”

And since insurers are not allowed to discriminate against costlier patients (those that are already sick when seeking to enroll) via higher premiums, the insurers are forced to raise everyone’s premiums.

This is a central pillar supporting the disastrous results of Obamacare, principally the skyrocketing premiums.

Tillis wants to protect that pillar. In order to do so, his bill would remove these Big Government mandates from the doomed Obamacare construct – its constitutionality is lacking, and courts are starting to recognize that fact – and slide it into the HIPAA  framework.

The Congressional Democrats of 2010, along with President Obama and Leftists in general, knew that if they were able to crack the door to socialized medicine via Obamacare, it would grow roots of entitlement that would prevent unprincipled politicians from doing anything about it. Tillis is a perfect example of this. He was in the U.S. Senate majority, backed up by a House majority, and most recently a Republican White House, for years and did nothing to act on the promises of repeal he repeatedly made on the campaign trail in 2014.

Some worry, or gleefully anticipate (Democrats), that Tillis is in real trouble come reelection time in 2020. He is woefully unpopular, and represents most of what people dislike about politicians. However, considering his actual record, how much would tings really change if he loses the seat to a Democrat? Not very much. As is, Tillis fights the principled Right just as doggedly as any Democrat would. He resents conservative grassroots that actually care about conservative principles, because those principles get in the way of his pragmatic pandering. Tillis is a RINO, and he reinforces that label with nearly every move he makes on Capitol Hill.

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