Right On Cue, Left Exploits Florida Mass Murder To Push Gun Control Agenda

The First in Freedom Daily team sends thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by Wednesday’s tragic mass murder at a Florida high school. It is hard to contemplate the pain, suffering and fear of the kids and families involved in this horrific act of senseless violence.

Amid that pain and suffering, though, the Left immediately launched into their gun control narrative, a predictable, yet shameful response to to an evil act that took 17 innocent souls.

Right away, the Charlotte Observer penned a story to highlight donations to North Carolina’s politicians from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“Only one of the 535 members of Congress has gotten more help from the NRA than Republican Sen. Richard Burr, according to The Center for Responsive Politics. Only three, including Burr, got more than GOP Sen. Thom Tillis. 

NRA groups spent nearly $7 million on behalf of Burr. That includes $5.6 million that NRA groups spent in 2016 against his Democratic opponent, Deborah Ross. That was more than the NRA spent against any 2016 candidate with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

And Tillis had gotten $4.5 million in help, including independent expenditures against his 2014 opponent, then-incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan.”

We are no fans of Burr and, especially, Tillis here at First in Freedom Daily, but the inference that the NRA and its donations are responsible for what happened in Florida is not just ridiculous on its face to anyone with common sense, it is a dangerous line of thought that leads to usurping the rights of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to curb the violent tendencies of a select group of disturbed individuals.

For many on the Left though, it is not a mere inference; it is a direct accusation of guilt.

Of course, this isn’t new. The Left has a habit of using such tragedies to advance their radical agenda. They paint those in favor of gun rights as murderers themselves, when the opposite is true.

Gun rights advocates, instead, don’t believe the policies prescribed by the Left will do anything to effectively limit such tragedies, and that those policies are blatantly unconstitutional in the first place.

This murderer in Florida also reportedly researched how to make bombs. He could have used a car as weapon, just as many Islamist terrorists have done.

Gun violence in this country has been on a steady retreat since the 1990s, reaching its lowest levels ever. Let’s repeat that – people killed or injured by guns in this country are at the lowest rates ever. Yet high profile  ‘Mass Shootings’ have seemingly increased. ‘Seemingly’, because the data show that mass shootings have not increased over the last decade or more.

Yet, media coverage of such tragic events would have you believe that they are happening more frequently and the only solution is to take away individuals’ right to own and keep firearms.

If it save even one life, they say, it would be worth it. Such is the false logic used to slowly and surely take away everyone’s rights in the name of security.

The truth is there are many things that can be done to more effectively address the motive forces behind evil murder sprees. From mental health, to keeping families together and promoting family values that could heal disturbed children with love and relevant treatment before they ever hurt anyone.

One thing, however, is incredibly easy and it requires no law being passed: Stop plastering these psychopaths names and pictures all over our T.V. screens.

We have enough information to know that many high profile shooters were looking for just that – a high profile. The Florida murderer was a fan of watching YouTube videos about mass shootings and even declared in comment sections that he wanted to do the same thing.

Maybe if there is no alluring sense of fame to achieve by killing more and more innocent people, one would-be shooter may not find the prospect so enticing as to actually act on the evil thoughts they harbor.

According to the Left, if it saves just one life, it would be worth it, right?

Instead, they’ll babble on about the NRA and making it harder for innocent people to exercise their right to have guns.

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