Revive the Party: Jim Womack Running to Right the NCGOP Ship

RALEIGH – To say the North Carolina Republican Party is at a low point would be an understatement. Beyond the fact that the NCGOP leadership has overseen a constant and accelerating erosion of Republican representation across the branches of state government in the last several years, it’s not necessarily a good look when the party chairman gets indicted by a federal grand jury for bribery.

Republican super-majorities were lost; the Governor’s Mansion was lost; multiple N.C. Supreme Court and N.C. Court of Appeals seats were abandoned and lost; the Republican grassroots have been knee-capped by establishment leadership time and again; and what should be a healthy Red State with a robust state party operation is, instead, in shambles.

A revival is in order, and one man running for NCGOP Chair in 2020 is fired up to lead the charge. His name is Jim Womack, of Lee County, and he has a plan (and record of results) that may excite quite a lot of delegates after what Republicans have been subjected to recently.

“[…] the NCGOP can learn from the tragic mistakes made in planning and resourcing the 2016 and 2018 election cycles; or we can sit back and watch history repeat itself in coming elections. I don’t know any active Republican who genuinely thinks our results were acceptable.  Losing the Governor’s race in 2016 by just a few thousand votes was shameful.  Losing the Supreme Court in 2016, then exacerbating those losses in 2018 is near cataclysmic. We simply cannot afford any future blunders like these. With competent leaders and smart strategic planning, the NCGOP can and will do better, beginning with a change in leadership in June 2019.”

Not only is Jim a verified conservative, his outside-the-box thinking enables him to approach more than merely rescuing the NCGOP from itself, but actually growing it into the powerhouse that it should be.

“The North Carolina Republican Party has 2,046,747 members registered to vote, a deficit of 592,490 to the democrats. We need to eliminate this gap over the next four years. Given our citizens’ reverence for liberty, Judeo-Christian tenets, and traditional American values, North Carolina should be a “red state” for all intents and purposes. We not only “lean” right, we are right.

For much too long, our party’s leadership has ignored the problem with the voter gap between us and the democrats. North Carolina is branded by national media outlets as a “light blue state’ or as a “swing state.” These labels affect voting behaviors among what Rush refers to as “low information voters.” Our voter registration deficit reflects the influence of identity politics as well.

Our opponents claim minority groups as their natural affiliates; despite the fact the Republican Party Platform best reflects their ideals- a Christian belief system, marriage between a man and a woman, a traditional family constellation, support for Israel, textual interpretation of our Constitution, and limitations to the size and scope of our federal government. Frankly, most American citizens (and many North Carolinians) are woefully misinformed about the parties and what each stands for.

As NCGOP Chairman, I will champion the cause to eliminate our registration deficit. For the next four years, we will out-work our democrat counterparts in educating prospective voters about our principles and values. We will empower our counties and precincts with the automation, tools, and training they need to market our party to the uninformed.

[Here] is one such tool, inspired by Franklin Graham, that I developed for broad distribution around the state.

We will win over a quarter million conservative democrats and unaffiliated voters for the Republican Party and we will register hundreds of thousands of new Republican voters newly arriving into the state or registering for the first time. By the 2020 election, Republicans will outnumber democrats in the Old North State!”

Read more about Womack’s plans for the party and positions on the issues here. Despite the dark days the NCGOP is currently stumbling through, there is a budding light on the horizon. The right kind of champion can bring the NCGOP back from the brink, get the base excited, grow the party, and make NC Republicans a juggernaut going forward.

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