Rev. Barber: The Bible and Constitution are Socialist

RALEIGH – While the Moral Monday protests have subsided in recent years, the titular head of that Leftist hissy fit, Reverend William Barber, has moved on to greener pastures hocking his brand of woke religiosity on a national level and still spewing the same extreme views. The latest came in a recent speech in which Barber said that the Bible and the United States Constitution are based on socialism and therefore demands adherence to the social justice crowd’s postmodern edicts.

How far we have come in a few short years, from Democrats squirming to avoid the socialist label, to the Left’s movement leaders deifying all that is collectivist and against the individual.

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Rev. Barber helps the Left promulgate this sprint toward collectivism by adding a spiritual flare that enables them to claim moral high ground for their depraved ideas. Specifically, Barber leads a social/economic justice agitation operation called the Poor People’s Campaign, which might as well be called the proletariat.  Wrapped in all the sanctity he can muster, Barber helps to warp and distort the messages and moral absolutes expressed in the Bible to ordain socialism the blessed political system.

North Carolina conservative radio host Pete Kaliner adroitly points out just how twisted and contradictory the assertion is:

“No, socialism is not Christian. Jesus wasn’t a socialist.

No, the US Constitution is not socialist.

But notice the applause Barber gets in stating these things.

Naturally, the same folks clapping for this message are the very same ones who scream about “separation of church and state” – as they did in the “Moral Monday” protests. See, it’s acceptable when the left uses religion and Christianity to expand government. But if you use religion and Christianity to argue against abortion, you’ll be accused of committing treason against the Constitutional separation of church and state — which doesn’t actually appear in the Constitution.

To collectivists, everything is viewed through the collective. So, people making individual decisions to help their fellow human beings is not really part of the equation except as an “Oh, yeah – and charity, OF COURSE” tacked onto any discussion about how to alleviate poverty. It’s easy to call upon someone else to help. It’s much harder to provide that assistance yourself — to voluntarily sacrifice your own comforts and wealth for the benefit of another when nobody else is matching your efforts. […]”

While Barber pushes the idea that socialism emanates from the Bible and the Constitution, the reality has been one of the Left forcing socialism into them both in an attempt to pervert their meaning to benefit them politically.

And the stage this message is delivered on has only become bigger and bigger for voices like that of Barber. Indeed, the embrace of socialism has become public with enthusiasm, and the fervor on the Left will only accelerate in the near term.

See Barber’s full speech and the rest of Pete Kaliner’s take on the reverend here.

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