Republican State Lawmakers Following Tillis Aboard ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ Train

RALEIGH – U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) loves to play footsie with the Left, and has recently moved in even closer with his endorsement of the ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ narrative.

The Left, of course, loves this kind of Republican that caves into Democratic faith-based fear mongering. Even if they, too, acknowledge it as a mere political calculation from Tillis.

“We’re pleased Tillis has left the Flat Earth Society and acknowledged that the planet is warming, that mankind is contributing to that warming, and that we have to do something about it. His previous statements and actions on climate change, particularly his urging Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, have been harmful to our country.

Let’s not be naive. Tillis has made a political calculation. He reckons he is strong enough to turn back any Republican challenger in 2020 but likely to have a competitive race that fall when swing voters are unlikely to be swayed by a candidate who says global warming is a hoax, as President Trump has said.”

Let’s ignore, for now, the suggestion that Tillis is immune to primary challenges in 2020. And we’ll simply role our eyes at the equating of man-made global warming skeptics and those the subscribe to ‘Flat Earth’ beliefs.

No, let’s instead focus on how Tillis’ example is being followed by other Republicans with an election on their mind – the 2018 state legislative races.

“Still, when a prominent Republican acknowledges that our industrialized, petroleum-fueled lifestyle has contributed to global warming, it’s reason for celebration. So we also were pleased to see that state Sen. Tamara Barringer, a Cary Republican, also has seen the light — or felt the heat (in more ways than one).

The Nature Conservancy has released a statement from Barringer, who faces a tough reelection campaign, that said, “We need to act now to mitigate and manage the risk of climate change. As responsible businesses have done so, we need to accept that climate change is a real threat and factor climate change mitigation into our future plans….As responsible legislators, we need to start talking about the risk of climate change and doing something about it.””

Now, is abandoning reason in favor of Leftist hysteria and Big Government solutions likely to gain more votes than it loses? It’s hard to imagine conservatives in Sen. Barringer’s district being enthused by her turn toward enviro-whacko-ism.

And when politicians point toward climate change and demand that lawmakers “do something” about it, what do you think those policies will look like?

They certainly won’t bear any resemblance to a limited government philosophy. Nope. They will necessarily restrict freedoms, raise costs (and taxes), and never have a snowball’s chance in hell of achieving stated goals.

Barringer is no stranger to jumping the Republican ship and hopping on a Leftist train whenever she feels on the wrong side of political correctness. She was one of the first to flip during the House Bill 2 saga, encouraging her Republican colleagues to abandon the common sense legislation and bow to political and cultural pressures from the social justice class.

We can expect this kind of drivel from Tillis. Let’s hope it doesn’t keep spreading.

Read more Leftist global warming propaganda here.

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