Republican NC Supreme Court Justice Tells It How It Is, Left Freaks Out

RALEIGH – North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby is the lone Republican on the high court. He is running for the position of chief justice in 2020 after Democrat Governor Roy Cooper bypassed Newby (the most senior justice) for the role following the retirement of Chief Justice Mark Martin in favor of elevating a Democrat.

Well, Newby, who is great on the stump and an excellent orator, is out on the campaign trail offering voters some ‘real talk’ when it comes to the other six justices on the bench and the dangers associated with their judicial philosophy. This is making those on the Left uncomfortable for obvious reasons, and their friends in the media are attempting to out Newby as too political.

From WRAL:

“The lone Republican on North Carolina’s Supreme Court criticized every other judge on the court this weekend, pitching himself as a lone bulwark against liberal judicial activism.

In a campaign speech in Wake County, Justice Paul Newby compared his six Democratic colleagues to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat known by her initials who has become something of a boogeyman for Republicans looking to highlight the national Democratic Party’s leftward shift.

“Imagine seven ‘AOCs’ on the state Supreme Court,” Newby told a Republican crowd Saturday.

“Well, folks, we got six,” he said to laughs. “It’s six to one.” […]”

A prime example of a judicial AOC, Newby pointed out in his speech, is Justice Anita Earls. Earls is a bona fide social justice warrior whose path to the Supreme Court was paved by a faux Republican candidate that joined the challenge of then-incumbent Republican Justice Barbara Jackson.

Earls was the founding executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. She was the lead attorney in a host of highly political court cases pushing for social justice policy via judicial diktat. As WRAL points out, she is regarded as a “hero for the Left.”

More from Newby’s comments:

“I lose sleep at night thinking, what would it be like if we had no one to hold accountable those that want to cause social change through our judicial branch,” Newby said. “In 2018, the left put $1.5 million to get their ‘AOC’ person on the court.” […]”

Newby also called the judiciary “the most dangerous branch of government” and said Democrats want to “sue till you’re blue.” His fears are well founded. Democrats have attempted to utilize activist courts, with some success, to throw out duly approved constitutional amendments like Voter ID; to neuter a duly elected Republican legislative majority; to throw out legislative maps drawn by Republicans; and, in effect, to ram the Leftist political agenda down our throats via the judiciary.

The Left-leaning WRAL, once receiving the recorded comments, wasted no time in finding judicial Republicans willing to aid in the narrative that Newby’s comments are uncouth to the point of deserving condemnation.

Former Justice Bob Orr, a ‘Republican’ that has become a darling of the Left for his willingness to throw other Republicans under the bus, said “There’s something uncomfortable about [Newby’s comments].”

Yes, there is certainly something ‘uncomfortable’ about it, but the discomfort has more to do with the dangers of activist Leftists on the highest court of the Old North State Newby is pointing out, than with the fact that he is taking care to point out these dangers.

Newby makes clear that while the AOCs of the North Carolina judiciary are attempting to bring forth a social justice utopia by way of the courts, time and again he show he is secure in his loyalty to the constitutions of the United States and North Carolina, and the principles they enshrined. He points out that socialism is not consistent with those founding principles. If you don’t like those tenets of the American idea, he said, then you can leave.

For this WRAL jumps at the chance to wrap Newby into the manufactured overreaction to recent tweets from President Trump, and thereby insinuate that Newby is racist.

“[…] “What countries are they leaving?” he asked. “Socialism. I’m sorry, we may not be perfect, but we’re the best nation in the world, and why don’t we just use common sense? If we’re as bad as the other side says we are, I will buy you a ticket to leave. I mean, just leave. … We don’t build walls to keep you in. We’ve got to have a wall to keep you out if you’re trying to get here illegally.”

Newby’s comments came the day before Trump tweeted that Ocasio-Cortez and three other minority congresswomen should “go back” to the countries they came from if they’re going to complain about the United States. Three of the four congresswomen Trump targeted were born in the United States. The fourth is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Somalia.

Newby’s “just leave” comment didn’t single anyone out but seemed to be a broad swipe at people who complain about the United States.”

Right from the playbook.

The silver lining of the media coming to the aid of Democrats to spin an anti-Republican narrative is that Newby’s comments get more play than they otherwise would have. Everyone in North Carolina should understand the very real dangers to our constitutional Republic, to our ‘First in Freedom’ state, by having the judiciary dominated by judiciary AOCs, no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ this truth makes some. There is no better or more qualified person to deliver this warning than Justice Paul Newby, who, if voters are listening, will be our next chief justice.

You can learn more about Newby’s campaign for chief justice here, and follow him on Facebook here.

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