Rep. Chris Millis Stands Against NC House GOP Leadership, Fights to Fund Lawsuit Against Obama-era Big Gov. Land Grab

As you can see from this photo, state Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Cary) is quite the stand-up guy.  Too bad he’s standing up for radical environmentalists and the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. 

The moles have reported in.  You see, the state Senate put money in their budget to allow Agriculture commissioner Steve Troxler to continue the fight against the EPA’s ‘Waters of the US’ (WOTUS) rule that Josh Stein and Roy Cooper so unceremoniously abandoned.  

WOTUS gives the Department of the Interior unprecedented control over even the smallest bodies of water from coast to coast, sea-to-shining-sea.  Opponents of WOTUS see it as a land-grab by the feds that hits farmers, already reeling from the solar welfare onslaught, the hardest.

So, senator Berger & co. had it all worked out for commissioner Troxler to pick up the banner dropped by Stein and Cooper.  But the House Republicans — much to the delight, I’m sure, of former Sierra Club pooh-bah and current state Rep. Chuck McGrady (SNIVELING CONNIVING RINO from the mountains) — have yanked the money 

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for Troxler and the court fight.  My moles tell me Speaker Timmy and his lieutenant, Mr. Dollar, were the driving forces behind the move.  (SOMEBODY apparently wrote the right size check to leadership.)

But state Rep. Chris Millis (R-Pender) is riding to the rescue.  He has introduced an amendment to restore the funding for Troxler to go to court on our behalf.



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