ReOpen NC Holds Peaceful Protest of COVID Lockdowns at Governor’s Mansion, Woke Counter-Protestors Crash to Cry Racism

RALEIGH – ReOpen NC held a protest outside the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday, on the heels of Governor Roy Cooper’s latest draconian mask mandates, but they were met with Leftists intent on disrupting on behalf of Joe Biden and BLM by calling them racists and fascists. The two sides were separated by police, closing several streets around the executive residence on Saturday afternoon.

ReOpen NC is a grassroots organization born in reaction to the initial Pandemic Panic earlier this year and holding several protests of anti-liberty COVID lockdowns since then. It’s officially bipartisan, but naturally made up of a lot of liberty-minded, conservatives, Christians, business owners, and Trump supporters. It follows that ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ and ‘MAGA’ Flags are aplenty at such protests.

That, along with passionate calls to let North Carolinians live their lives without mask mandates and sustain their livelihoods without burdensome restrictions, is just too much for Woke Leftist Biden and BLM supporters to tolerate, apparently. The Leftists assembled a Woke Mob to shout down and provoke those protesting against lockdown.

Local media feverishly reported that members of the Proud Boys were also part of the square off with the Leftists, but they were also forced to confront the disconnect between the protesters and counter-protesters.

The protesters are yelling at the white southern governor to lift his intrusive and authoritarian executive edicts currently restricting citizens’ liberties; the counter-protestors have come out to call them fascists and racists.

The juxtaposition between the two sides, represented below, is just too perfect.

From ABC11:

ReOpen’s NC’s had planned a peaceful protest Saturday morning but it was quickly disrupted by the counter-protestors, who see the group and its allies as far-right fascists.

But organizers said ReOpen is a bipartisan group that’s furious with Governor Roy Cooper’s handling of the pandemic. […]

“I am here today to tell Roy Cooper that he does not control me,” said Ashley Smith, one of the leaders of ReOpen NC. “I am a free American citizen and that I will have as many people in my household as I please. And he cannot enforce any of his nonsensible dictates in my life. We’re here in love. We’re here in peace. We are here to love one another, shake hands, to hug and celebrate the founding of our country. Which to me is what Thanksgiving has always been about.”

But counter-protesters like Ann Humphreys disagrees.

She believes these maskless protestors are white supremacists masking their cause under “patriotism.”

I am here as a descendant of enslaving, landowning Southern white people,” said Humphreys. “To represent the humanity of Black and brown people to these people who dare to stand in our streets. This is about an anxiety, about definition, and identity and who’s who and who’s important.” […]”

While there are plenty, this is an exceptionally clear example of the Woke’s Ode to Don Quixote.

With all due respect to Ms. Humphreys, WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?!

The ReOpen NC group wants to end lockdowns…on everyone; and she asserts that they’re actually undercover white-supremacists that ‘dare to stand in our streets‘ ignorant of anxiety…definition…who’s who, whats-y-do, and they’re fascists.

While it IS laugh-out-loud funny to hear them unintelligibly describe their quest to defeat the windmills, unfortunately their swords still do damage. That ‘dare to stand on our streets’ sentiment has manifested much more tangibly, and violently, several times this year in Raleigh alone.

After a year of being inundated with Woke Cultural Revolution, we know what the amorphous, seemingly nonsensical jargon means, and it’s anathema to a free society.

That’s why, even though the counter-protesters Woke rhetoric doesn’t seem to quite line up with the protest’s subject matter, most of us inherently understand why these groups are naturally opposed to one another.

One wants freedom; the other wants submission.

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