READER OP-ED: As we balance on this narrow bow cap, let us hold each other up

(‘John Smith’ is a Triangle area business owner, originally from the coast of NC, and formerly a state regulator.)

It was a hazy Outer Banks morning, when years ago, two good ‘ol boys pointed their Sea-Ox center console out over Pamlico Sound towards the cracking sun. A day of trolling lay ahead as they skittered over the short chop and passed through the long, deep swales of Oregon Inlet on their way to the Gulf Stream. Arriving at the clear, deep blue water of their destination, out went the lines, and they quickly hooked up with a hefty blue marlin!

Thrilled by their good fortune, through a series of maneuvers, they quickly shortened the line to such an extent that the monster rose up on a wave at the stern, and partially on purpose and partially by accident, they jerked the wild-eyed behemoth into the bottom of the vessel. The resulting pandemonium of the enormous thrashing fish was immediate, and subsequently filled the ocean with coolers, life preservers, fishing rods, gas jugs, t-tops, center consoles, boat motors, vienna sausage and cans of baked beans. The good ‘ol boys observed this violence and contemplated their poor angling judgment, while holding each other in terror balanced delicately on the narrow bow cap.

Democrat voters, both alive, dead and imaginary, landed a president that is beating the hell out of the United States. We have seen now 100 days of policy after policy, that, each in succession, contradict everything we hold dear as a country. So, as we all hold onto each other, perched on top of our own personal bow caps, what is going on?

Today, a Houston, Texas district attorney is considering pardoning George Floyd for a 2004 drug conviction. Of course, the reasoning is that George Floyd was convicted by the false witness of a bad cop. The question begs itself: were all of George Floyd’s run-ins with the law due to bad cops, or is this just an Orwellian measure to rewrite George Floyd history?

I am sorry for the way George Floyd died, and that shouldn’t have gone the way it did. In the midst of this, much was made about African-Americans giving their children “the talk” about how to conduct themselves when confronted by the police. But my kids have been through “the talk” too, and I’m Caucasian!

What is so hard to understand about this? You tell children to let the police see your hands, answer their questions and do what they say! As has been demonstrated time and time again, resistance produces an outcome that may not be predictable! Included in this outcome is the very real possibility of death! Police encounters are not where anyone can afford to have a misunderstanding, no matter your race! But is something deeper going here?

Is this about “the talk” or is this really about “the resistance”? There are many Democrat resistance movements out there. There is the resistance movement to having a baby. Instead, kill it. There is the resistance movement to having just two sexes, man and woman. Instead, have infinite sexes. Instead of capitalism, have communism. Instead of legal immigration, invasion. Instead of education, indoctrination. Instead of playing fair, cheat. Instead of exoneration, falsely accuse. Instead of freedom, implement control.

Advancing this concept further, is George Floyd on his way to being declared a Democrat patron saint? Will he be the spiritual assistant to all who resist law enforcement and march for defunding the police? Why does George Floyd have his own protected sacred space in Minneapolis? And why did Nancy Pelosi thank him for giving his life for the cause of justice like it was Jesus dying on the Cross? Now, student’s athletic careers being destroyed for refusing to bow at his justice altar? Where will this end?

After purging the statues this past summer, was it only a matter of time before Democrats would start erecting their own symbols and statues to commemorate their commitment to their ideals? Are we dealing with just a political party or is this the dawn of a real divergent spiritual movement?

There is a spiritual enemy of good, wholesome people and everything that is right. His signature play-style is to force you to do things you don’t want to do. He is always playing a game of circumstantial check-mate, while whispering in your ear to just go along with it. It is not enough for his servants to be them and for us to be us, but they are coming after us to be them too! This divine being is not going to leave you alone!

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, it doesn’t really matter, the evidence clearly indicates this is a demonic spiritual movement. Democrats decided a long time ago that Democrat is going to be a doctrine of demons. The evangelical church has neglected their duty to call this out, and therein lies the problem. Better late than never, and yep, some people will get up and walk out, but this has needed doing for a long time now.

So, let’s hold each other up as we balance on this narrow bow cap. We have to engage in the spiritual battle against this spiritual enemy so the boat we call the United States won’t be destroyed!

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