Raleigh Empty for Inauguration Day After Fabricated Fears of Armed Protests

RALEIGH – Well, Joe Biden is president and state capitals around the nation are smoldering after massive armed protests descended into all out war with the biggest battle occurring in Washington, D.C. Well, Joe Biden is president and it only took a matter of minutes for the media narrative to morph into the elevated power mode. As such it, Leftist news media will report that no armed protests materialized, but they won’t make the slightest allusion to the fact that they purposefully pumped up this imaginary threat to further tar and feather the whole of Trump supporters and conservatives as domestic terrorists.

From the USA Today:

“As President Joe Biden took the oath of office in Washington D.C. Wednesday, the streets around North Carolina’s State Capitol building in Raleigh were mostly empty, save for a considerable presence of law enforcement blanketing the area.

Fears of armed protests, which the FBI had warned about last week, didn’t come to fruition, with only a few protestors standing around the capitol grounds to protest Biden’s election.

“It’s peaceful, and I don’t mind the police” said Thomas Conner of Beaufort, a protestor who feared Biden’s presidency will mean “losing a way of life”. Overall, the number of the protestors could be counted on two hands. One man wore a pro-Donald Trump flag as a cape. Another held a Confederate battle flag.

[…] On Sunday, potential disruptions in Raleigh also failed to materialize as law enforcement outnumbered the handful of protestors who came to the state capitol.[…]”

Oh, but the media can’t just let this go; they need to milk it as much as possible:

“The tranquility at the state capitol was likely a welcome sign for officials who worried the violent scenes of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots in Washington could be replicated across the country on Inauguration Day. Following recommendations from public safety officials, several government offices, institutions, and state museums, closed Wednesday due to the possible threat of violence.”

Written between the lines is the bit the media wants to stick with you: “[…] closed Wednesday due to the possible threat of violence [from Trump supporters]”

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Even now that it should be obvious that such a threat never existed, the media treatment of the ‘tranquility’ will be as if a bullet was dodged.

And for icing on the cake of this smear job, the entire media moment from January 6 to January 20 pretends as if months of civil unrest and rioting on the Left didn’t happen in the lead up to all of it.

A ‘welcome sign’ of tranquility for Raleigh that the…Trump supporters didn’t show up?

On the same grounds of the Old State Capitol that Governor Roy Cooper forfeited to a destructive mob of Wokies with grudges against statues? The same city center that opened the summer, and closed the summer, beneath clouds of tear gas as BLM/Antifa rioters chanted ‘[email protected]#! the Police!’ while blazing trails of destruction?

Nope. That’s all been memory-holed. The most damning facets of it all not forgotten, merely twisted and falsely pinned to the caricature of conservatives the media is busy setting in permanent ink.

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