Radical Social Justice Group PAYING Teachers To Protest May 16!

RALEIGH – If you needed any further confirmation that the massive teacher walkout and protest scheduled for May 16 is being driven primarily by agents of the Radical Left, look no further than the Carolina Rapid Response Network, which is offering to pay teachers up to $500 to protest the Republican General Assembly on May 16.

This group of social justice warriors, apparently, has gobs of money to put toward astro-turfing Jones Street and drive their radical political agenda:

“The Community Rapid Response Fund was created to allow grassroots and frontlines groups and organizations to access resources in the aftermath of incidents of hate, violence, or regressive policy in our schools, communities, or in the work place. The fund seeks to help communities respond in ways that uplift the voices of those directly impacted. The main goal of the fund is to influence and counteract incidents of hate and violence while strengthening ties across communities and demonstrating our commitment to solidarity.”

The Fund priorities are as follows:

Must be by led by those directly impacted by hate crimes in North Carolina, particularly against Muslims, immigrants, Black students, and LGBTQ people, in particular K-12 and college students.

Must be in response to something new, a specific incident, initiative, or proposed policy. Responding to an incident or violence or hate in school, community, or workplace. Responding to a new regressive legislation at local, state, or federal level. Or a proactive intervention utilizing common strategies to organize.

All groups applying must have an organizational budget of less than $100,000 annually.

Priority will be given to groups with limited access to traditional non-profit funding streams.

Priority will be given to groups that center community responses.

We will look for applications that demonstrate SOCIAL JUSTICE VALUES that do not take away from the broader struggle.

We value applications that demonstrate a willingness to stay involved in movement work.”

Partnering with the network to pay and organize protesting teacher next Wednesday are Ignite NC; Youth Organizing Institute; Muslims for Social Justice; The Tribe; and, Comite de Accion Popular.

It doesn’t get much further Left than this, folks.

The Carolina Rapid Response Network is a project of the Southern Vision Alliance, a non-profit group founded in 2014, associated with the World Workers Party, and led by the what can easily be described as Antifa/Occupy Wall Street-type Progressive Liberals (Communists) that pride themselves and their comrades on being oh-so-woke with zero tolerance for any dissent from the SJW approved agenda.

Paying teachers (or a similarly qualified member of a victim class) $500 to protest a Republican General Assembly over teacher pay…and drive toward a communist world full of ‘Reproductive Justice’, wealth redistribution, “free” healthcare, and unfettered illegal immigration.

So who is funding this group? Well for the last several years they have received sizeable injections from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, and have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to agitate for the Left’s political fantasies.

The Z Smith Reynolds Foundation spends millions of dollars on political activism in North Carolina. Remember the massive backlash to House Bill 2? Z Smith Reynolds’ money was a big part in fomenting that backlash. Remember the now-defunct ACORN? They funded chunks of that as well.

Based in Winston-Salem and founded in 1936 by the children of old-time tobacco tycoon R.J. Reynolds, the foundation leads a powerful, state-wide coalition of left-wing groups that want to re-make North Carolina in their image. The laughable part is that they deny any political agenda in their philanthropy.

ZSR does not support ‘political causes’ but rather supports community building and research, education, dialogue and advocacy on issues of importance to North Carolina and its communities,” said Shaheen Syal, its director of communications, several years ago.

Yeah, okay.

Just once glance at the list of grant recipients over the years makes the above language absolutely laughable. And now they are at it again, paying teachers to act as pawns in order to work toward their ultimate goals of turning North Carolina into a Blue State.

The politically active Reynolds heirs and their foundation is eerily close real life version of the progressive (and horrible) Starnes family from the ever prescient Atlas Shrugged, and the implications of the influence of Z Smith Reynolds Foundation are just as dire for a state that was First in Freedom.

SO when you see the mainstream media covering next week’s massive Teacher Walkout and associated protest, ask yourselves how “grassroots” is it really? Know that a lot of those signs, travel costs, hotel rooms, food, and who knows what is paid for by a Radical Social Justice group that is funded by an equally Radical Leftist philanthropy.

As Gov. Roy Cooper and Democrat lawmakers soak up the limelight next Wednesday and whine about teacher pay to smear Republicans, know that it is all orchestrated by a network of Far Left funding streams and activists that would be more at home in the U.S.S.R than in North Carolina.

How many of those you see on the evening news will have been paid to be there and wave their signs? Do North Carolinians really want to be dictated to by groups that idolize Karl Marx and seek to make George Orwell fiction a reality?

When they funded opposition to House Bill 2, they created the tag line, ‘This is not us.’

They may have been on to something there, yet the object was wrong.

THIS is not us.

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