Proposal On The Table For Winston-Salem To Break State Law, Become “Sanctuary City”…

Excerpt By: Winston-Salem Journal. Written By: Wesley Young

Winston-Salem could declare itself a “welcoming city” for unauthorized immigrants, refugees and others if a proposed resolution put forward Tuesday by Council Member Dan Besse gains steam.

Besse made his proposal at Tuesday’s general government committee in response to calls from some people to have the city declare itself a “sanctuary city” for the unauthorized.

North Carolina’s “sanctuary ordinances” law says that cities can’t put into place policies that prevent law enforcement officers from collecting citizenship or immigration status, or restrict the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

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Besse plans to bring his resolution back for discussion at the March meeting of the city’s general government committee, which on Tuesday heard from both advocates and opponents of sanctuary status.



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  1. do the city council membors actually think that by changing the name of sanctuary city to “welcoming city” will fool the president? how stupid these council members are if they actually pass this stupid will end up costing us all and raisin g our property taxes to cover the loss of federal funds.wake up dummies and let them know this is not going to happen!


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