Pro-Second Amendment Rally To Be Held Outside NC General Assembly Saturday

RALEIGH – Conservatives are often victims of their own seeming silence when it comes to the most controversial political issues of the day. There a multitude of good reasons that the Right is drowned out by the Left in setting the narrative. It often boils down to having to actually work for a living, discounting the effect one voice can have, or having personal traits that match their conservative political natures.

Saturday, April 14th, however, is a chance for conservatives to combat the Left’s narrative on guns, as the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans hosts pro-Second Amendment rallies in the capitals of all 50 states. It is a chance to have the voices of the majority of Americans heard.

From 2:00-6:00 PM, the Americans for America rally will take place on the Halifax Mall at 16 W. Jones Street in Raleigh.

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The mall is adjacent to the North Carolina General Assembly, and a favored site of Leftist political protests, and thus a perfect location to tell politicians and the Leftist media that enough is enough.

Guns are not the problem, as evident in the fact that London, England, a leader in restricting guns, is suffering a massive surge in knife attacks. Far from coming to realization that people are to blame for murderous acts they carry out, not the inanimate object they use to execute them, the mayor of London is now pushing to ban knives!

“There is never a reason to carry a knife,” said the London mayor. Really?

This is the ridiculous slippery slope the American Left is currently trying to shove us down. First it will be “Assault Weapons,” then it will be semi-automatics (virtually all guns), and then it will be knives.

So protect your Second Amendment right by exercising your First Amendment right to the fullest extent possible in Raleigh this Saturday.


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