Posters Approved By NC State Claim White Students Advance ‘Racism, White Supremacy’…

It is the latest in reverse racism and liberal activism on college campuses. On Thursday, signs made by black students dotted the campus at North Carolina State University. But these weren’t just any signs. They were only addressed to white students.

The Union Activities Board (UAB) approved the “Dear White People” signs. The posters accused white students of furthering “racism and white supremacy.”

Black people can’t be racist.

One poster claimed, “Black people can’t be racist. Prejudice [sic], yes, but not racist.” It explained that racism “describes a system of disadvantage based on race.”

Another said, “I am here to burst your post-racial little bubble.” It continued, “Yes, Oprah may have her own network, but Ann Coulter is still writing best sellers.”

… Or Can They?

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One offensive sign asked, “Are you tired of your humdrum, Wonderbread existence … Course you are.” Another said that the term “African American” is borderline racist. According to this sign, white people really want to use a racial slur anyway. Is it possible that they do not see that describing a white person’s life as “Wonderbread” is racist?

Diversity Week Enhances Dialogue

The UAB posted the signs as part of their “Diversity Education Week.” Their website states that Diversity Education Week “advances learning and scholarship, builds understanding and respect among different peoples, and enhances constructive leadership and dialogue.”

One Tweet pointed out that the UAB was “alienating a majority of NC State’s students.” It added, “You don’t fight for equality by being racist yourselves.”




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