Polish National Foundation Thanks America For Its Freedom IN New Holiday Ad

If you have watched Fox News or CNBC over the last couple of days you may have seen this ad from the Polish National Foundation thanking America for her role in bringing freedom and democracy to their proud nation 28 years ago and extending season’s greetings.

PNF Happy Holidays Video Edit rev2 from 4media Group on Vimeo.

The ad wishes Americans ‘Happy Holidays,’ a phrase that many recoil from as there has been a very real and persistent attack on Christmas  over the decades.

But that’s not to say they shy away from saying ‘Merry Christmas’ explicitly. Instead, they featured leaders of multiple houses of worship to convey well wishes while driving home the point that America, a force for good in the world, has a special place in the heart of the Polish people.

Here’s what the PNF had to say about its ad:

“This morning the Polish National Foundation released a “Happy Holidays” TV spot in the United States. The 30-second message will play on major Fox News Channel programs and CNBC’s morning Squawk Box. This media buy ensures that the Foundation’s message will reach a wide spectrum of American society as well as parts of the global financial community located in the United States. It will run through New Year’s Eve and features clerics from the five major faiths of Poland: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Polish Orthodox, Muslim, and Lutheran, reflecting Poland’s centuries-old traditions of pluralism and tolerance. Together, the clerics extend a message of goodwill from the people of Poland to the American people. They wish Americans ‘happy holidays’ and express Poland’s gratitude for the United States’ role twenty-eight years ago in helping secure Poland’s freedom.

The Polish people have been subject to occupation by empire after empire through the ages. In the 20th century Poland was overrun and decimated by the Nazis and the Soviets, as they bifurcated the country until the end of World War II when they were forced suffered through communist oppression by their “liberators” for decades thereafter.

It was only upon the fall of the Evil Soviet Empire, a Cold War victory led by America, that Poland again had the chance to assert her proud nationalist heritage and embrace the principles of freedom that have allowed her people to flourish.

In the last several years Poland has gone through a nationalist political upheaval akin to similar movements in America as exemplified by President Trump’s unlikely rise to the Oval Office on an ‘America First’ message.

The Polish people have been ostracized by the European Union for their ‘Poland First’ policies, called racists by the Left for daring to resist unfettered immigration, and, yet, held strong to their pride and resolve as they work to preserve the gift of liberty imparted on them by the forces of freedom for the sake if their people and their nation.

The Left expects conservatives to squeal about the closing ‘Happy Holidays’ phrasing. In truth, it is the Left that is squealing at the thought of anyone, especially a foreign nation, acknowledging how GOOD America has been for the world.

They squeal because the truth is antithetical to their political agenda. They squeal because it is not the policies of the Left that achieved this good, but instead those policies championed by conservatives as outlined by our Founding Fathers.

The Left can’t stand for someone to point this out in a such a positive and direct way.

After all, the collectivism embodied by the U.S.S.R is the same philosophy that underpins the politics of the Left.

In the Left’s mind America and her principles of Individualism deserve nothing but criticism, which is why President Obama’s apology world tour pleased them so much.

But we know better. We know America is the greatest country to ever exist in human history because it was founded on a set of moral absolutes that are second to none, and she deserves to be thanked for standing up for these principles around the world for the last century.

And Poland knows it too.

Dear Poland, YOU’RE WELCOME, and Merry Christmas.

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