The Plot Just Thickened In Rep. Duane Hall Sexual Harassment Story

RALEIGH – When NC Policy Watch broke the story on multiple sexual harassment allegations against Democratic N.C. House Rep. Duane Hall, they neglected to include an interesting tidbit: Hall had recently dated, and broken up with, Megan Glazier, daughter of Rick Glazier who is executive director of the N.C. Justice Center which publishes N.C. Policy Watch.

Ms. Glazier works at N.C. Policy Watch.

Hall is refusing to resign, calling the accusations false and malicious. Hmmmm.

So it looks like Hall will fight out the primary against two opponents on May 8. It also looks like N.C. Policy Watch editors have some explaining to do.

Leave it to the Left to allow “hurt feelings” to transform into a vendetta to sink one of the Democrats’ own statewide hopefuls.

Wonder if Cooper and company will have anything to say about this revelation after so quickly demanding Hall’s resignation?


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