Pandering To The Left, NC AG Josh Stein Demanding Answers From Facebook Regarding Cambridge Analytica “Scandal”

The Roy Cooper protege must have learned a lot from his old boss

RALEIGH – Roy Cooper protege Josh Stein is following a familiar pattern of leveraging the Attorney General post to pander to the Left with partisan ploys. Stein announced Thursday that he’d be talking to Facebook to get answers related to the manufactured Cambridge Analytica controversy.

Stein is taking cues from the Left and Mainstream Media in using the ‘breach’ language, when he knows that the data in question was volunteered by users electing to participate and share a personality test. The data was then used to target political adds.

As attorney general, Gov. Roy Cooper also had a knack for chiming in on partisan issues in order to raise his political profile. He treated his eight years as attorney general as an extended, taxpayer funded campaign for governor. It looks as if Stein is following in his footsteps.

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Just to be clear, no crimes were committed by Cambridge Analytica. Their services, the effectiveness of which are being derided by political operatives, were a fancy form of targeted advertising.

So why is any of it relevant for Stein? Because he knows the Democratic base will think kindly of any efforts on his part to stick it to Republicans, even if it means piggybacking on a contrived controversy spun out of whole cloth.


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