Out-of-State $$$ Keeps Pouring into NC’s Big Three Congressional Races

RALEIGH – There is a lot on the line for Republicans this midterm, as you’ve likely noticed by now, with control of the U.S. House being of utmost concern. That’s why it should come as no surprise that a lot of big money from outside the Old North State is being spent on congressional races here.

Specifically, the 2nd, 9th, and 13th Congressional Districts. The final days are bringing a gush of that money, too.

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At this point, while sitting on the couch in the evening trying to unwind with your favorite show or the big game, your liable to see half a dozen campaign commercials in a row. By now we’ve had the lines from the most frequent ads drilled into our heads to such a degree that we hear them in our sleep.

How many times was 2nd Congressional District contender Linda Coleman late paying her taxes, again? See what I mean?

Soon it will all be over – for a while at least – and hopefully the reprieve will also coincide with a sigh of relief from Republican voters. We’ll see.


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