[OP-ED] Sandy Smith: North Carolina Needs an Audit and Here’s Why

Sandy Smith

(Sandy Smith is a Proud Conservative Republican. 2022 U.S. Congressional candidate in North Carolina’s 1st District – 2020 Republican Nominee. A Pro-Trump Conservative who is fighting to put North Carolina and America first!)

Democrats continuously harp about how the 2020 election was somehow the most secure election in history. The source of their claim? An environmental scientist turned lawyer with zero election experience. But that doesn’t really matter to them. Their goal isn’t to give voters reliable information – it’s to keep voters from asking questions.

But no matter how much the Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech might censor us and shut us down, we need to keep asking questions and demanding an audit of the 2020 election here in North Carolina. It may be inconvenient to them, but it’s no secret to us that corrupt politicians abused so-called “emergency” powers to unconstitutionally rewrite our election laws, eliminate almost every protection against fraud, and then then turned around and lied about how the election was supposedly “secure” (it wasn’t).

Now, the Democrat-controlled Board of Elections in North Carolina is trying to keep lawmakers from investigating the election by threatening them with lawsuits and refusing to turn over information needed for an investigation. What are they so afraid of? What are they hiding?

In the business world, when there’s this much evidence of fraud, you audit. Sure, you might find nothing. You might find something. But what’s certain is that you’ll be closer to the truth, whether big tech and the media think that’s inconvenient or not. Knowledge is the only way we can fix our election processes and secure the vote so that once again, North Carolina can have confidence in our election results.

Here are the facts.

I. Governor Cooper Refused To Clean The Voter Rolls

Voter rolls serve as the first line of defense against voter fraud as the master list of registered voters. Our voter rolls are totally corrupted with deceased voters and ineligible illegal aliens and other non-citizens – it’s well-documented that non-citizens do attempt to vote – yet nothing is being done about it.

When the North Carolina legislature tried to pass a bill that would have purged illegals from the voting rolls, Democrat legislators tried to stop it. When a majority of legislators voted for it and sent it to Governor Cooper, he vetoed it.

Nobody disagrees that illegal aliens are ineligible to vote. So why is Governor Cooper and the Democrats trying to keep illegals on the voter rolls as registered voters, when the law says that’s illegal?

II. The Democrats Enabled Potentially Massive Fraud

There’s no way to guarantee the security of an election without making sure that every single person who walks in to cast a vote is authenticated as the voter they say they are. Thanks to a Democrat-appointee judge erroneously blocking Voter ID for the 2020 election, nobody had their ID checked when they went to vote. They could have been anybody.

But it gets even worse: Voter ID wasn’t just blocked and failed to authenticate registered voters who showed up to vote. It was blocked for same-day voter registrations, meaning people who showed up on election day or during the early voting period to vote in the 2020 election didn’t have to show an ID or proof of residency to register to vote. That is outrageous.

And what of Absentee Ballots, which have historically been secured by two witness signatures and notarization? In 2020, those requirements were eliminated, meaning North Carolina election officials had no way of knowing whether the absentee ballot was actually signed by the person claiming to sign it, and worse still, whether that vote was “harvested” as part of an illegal ballot harvesting operation, especially since North Carolina allowed anonymous, unmonitored absentee ballot drop boxes. Plus, countless North Carolina residents reported receiving absentee ballots even though they never requested them.

Voting under somebody else’s name is illegal. Harvesting ballots is illegal. There may be countless undiscovered illegal votes, made possible by incompetent or corrupt politicians stripping way every voter identity safeguard.

In Arizona, the forensic audit found that 11,326 confirmed voters “were not on the voter rolls on November 7th, but were added to the voter rolls by December 4,” after they had already voted. With so many problems with authentication, we need an audit to see just how many illegal votes were cast, and where.

III. North Carolina Voting Machines Are Woefully Insecure

In North Carolina, countless mistakes or deliberate changes were made that have made it difficult for voters to have full faith in the final counts of the 2020 election.

In 2020, North Carolina approved the use of Election Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines. These machines, manufactured in China with funding from foreign investors, have widely-known security issues. Alarmingly, these voting machines – already potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks or intentional manipulation – include a software function that lets the person operating the machine manipulate vote counts. There may be other problems, but the State Board of Elections redacted half of the manual so that nobody can fully understand these machines.

If we knew how ES&S machines work, we might be able to find out why there were so many flaws to the counting process on election night, or why Congressional District 1 results stalled out at 78% for over nine days. No state legislator I’ve spoken to has an answer for this. This alone is reason to audit the election. Vote counting cannot just stop for nine days.

Across North Carolina, counting issues, undercounts, and miscounts occurred frequently enough to concern every voter. For example, an entire precinct was left completely unreported in Pitt County for several days after the election. In other words, no counting results were being submitted at all from that precinct. This cannot be allowed to happen.

IV. The 2020 Election Was Subject to Unprecedented Interference

The 2020 election was the first in which mainstream media organizations, big tech companies, “elites,” and even postal workers sought to take down an incumbent president by interfering in the election.

Big tech companies like Facebook, whose founder Mark Zuckerberg is a known supporter of Democrats, poured hundreds millions of dollars into “election infrastructure” in Democrat cities, including $5.2 million in North Carolina. With how Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other tech companies censor conservatives, is there any question about who that money was intended to benefit?

Even worse, the National Association of Letter Carriers, one of the biggest postal workers unions, endorsed Biden. Any union or company that is tasked with handling election ballot delivery should never be allowed to endorse a presidential candidate. Given all of the mail-in ballots, were postal workers influenced to work against President Trump? One Wisconsin postal worker swore on an affidavit (under penalty of perjury) that there was a scheme to “backdate” over 100,000 mail-in ballots to make them look like they were mailed before the deadline, since many states including North Carolina counted absentee ballots that were mailed before – but arrived after – election day.

V. Conclusion

It’s clear as day that with the corruption of North Carolina voter rolls, impossibility of authenticating voters, insecure Chinese voting machines, and outside interference, the results of the 2020 election demand higher scrutiny and a full forensic audit.

Some elected officials have come out and claimed that the vote in North Carolina was already audited, but this is a complete and total lie, or serious ignorance by people who should know better. We’ve had recounts. We’ve had a few spot-checks. We have not had an audit. The procedures that have taken place have been limited in scope and not comprehensive. A true forensic audit, like the one taking place in Arizona, means every ballot gets hand-checked, voting systems are examined, voter identity and eligibility is checked, and any illegal votes are uncovered.

I join countless North Carolinians in calling for a comprehensive forensic audit of the 2020 election. In Arizona, the Maricopa County forensic audit has revealed tremendous problems with the administering of the 2020 election, and clear examples of tampering with election materials and security breaches for voting systems and other voting equipment and unclear chain of custody of ballots. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as only one part of their audit has been completed.

All the evidence discussed above (and more) demands an investigation, and It’s time we conduct a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in North Carolina.

(Sandy Smith is a Proud Conservative Republican. 2022 U.S. Congressional candidate in North Carolina’s 1st District – 2020 Republican Nominee. A Pro-Trump Conservative who is fighting to put North Carolina and America first!)

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