[OP-ED] Donald Trump and the Downeast Fishermen

(‘John Smith’ is a Triangle area business owner, originally from the coast of NC, and formerly a state regulator.)

In deep, Downeast, Carteret County, North Carolina, fishing life culture often requires the use of pictorial and parabolic communication. The language conveys deep messages quickly and precisely, oftentimes using humorous mental images to illustrate the dry irony of the situation at hand. The verbiage sometimes veers into the crude, but nothing describes the media treatment of Trump and his supporters better than the Downeast saying: “…he was shot with shit and hung for stinking…”.

The problem Trump has is that Trump is Trump everywhere he goes. When he is at home, when he is on the phone, when he is on Twitter, when he is in front of 100,000 people at a rally, millions on TV, or sitting on the toilet, Trump is a constantly running reality show; what you see is what you get! He’s not a dry political cliché doll, where you pull the string and out come the canned, five different poll-tested sayings all politicians have; he’s forever original! He’s also an on-going, life and death, highly dramatic, reality show; one man trying to save a nation from socialist destruction; what better entertainment could America wish for in 2021?

So what’s the problem among leftists when Trump is the epitome of “speaking truth to power.” It all has to do with what leftists view as truth. Nothing is more threatening to a privileged leftist than a millionaire businessman speaking the truth of a capitalistic reality. Trump knows our future belongs to unconstrained cognitive freedom; where sound, market tested, ideas thrive, and people are free to make their own decisions about their lives. This concept of freedom stands in stark opposition to the leftists view that conformity to authoritarianism is the pathway to their fictitious utopia future of peace, love, prosperity, rainbows and unicorns.

The leftists view is that people can’t be trusted to do the right thing and people have to be constrained, regulated and forced to do what is “right.” Nothing could be truer when leftist morality includes an arbitrary, convoluted, and contradictory code that is constantly changing to meet the circumstances. The foundation of the leftist faith is their guilt-driven defense of anyone they view as “oppressed”, and this is the altar on which they are constantly working out their penitence for salvation. All of the leftist issues orbit around this sun and the stability of this imaginary universe requires imposing morality, manifesting as a national religion as strict as Shari Law, where the perceived wrongs done to oppressed people groups will all be forever atoned for, past, present and future.

While the privileged, guilt-ridden, trust babies have the luxury to indulge in this communal self flailing, business has a low tolerance for nonsense, and so does the preservation of a country. Trump is the antidote to leftist crazy, and people rejoice in the much needed counter-balance Trump provides. Trump has the courage to not just say what needs to be said, but more than that, he also has the where-with-all to do something about it.

Trump understands the United States was founded on high capitalistic principles and that he is the champion and defender of that faith, fighting the evil enemy of conformity being imposed by the leftist media, corporations, institutions, technology and government. Trump is the very personification of capitalism, the superhero of the working world, where performance is king and entitlement is frowned on. His message resounds, because this is reality; to get ahead, we must perform the service to others that God has called us to. This reality is where an ever decreasing number of us Americans commit our aspirations and dedicate our lives.

So is it any surprise that he would be painted in the manner he is? Most of us look past all the baloney, but that doesn’t stop the onslaught against him. The Downeast fishermen capture his situation perfectly; and the picture they paint, crude as it is, is worth more than a thousand words.

(‘John Smith’ is a Triangle area business owner, originally from the coast of NC, and formerly a state regulator.)

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