One Year After Firebombing of Local GOP Office, Still No Arrests Made

HILLSBOROUGH – On October 15 2016, during the height of campaign season in a presidential election year, local Republican Party offices in Hillsborough were firebombed under a cloak of darkness. An adjacent building in this very ‘liberal’ enclave of North Carolina was tagged with graffiti that featured a swastika and read “NAZI REPUBLICANS LEAVE TOWN OR ELSE.”

The molotov cocktail reportedly landed on a couch after the perpetrators busted out a front window. One room was destroyed by the fire while the rest of the space was covered in soot and smoke. Staff at the time said it was a miracle no one was hurt, as during such a busy time in the thick of campaign season there were usually staffers and volunteers working late and it wasn’t uncommon for dedicated workers to be sleeping on that very couch.

The attack cast even more attention on North Carolina, already being a focus of political attention as a key battleground state that was a ‘must win’ for both presidential candidates.

Then-GOP nominee Trump called the attackers “animals” and state government and N.C. Republican Party each offered $5000 rewards for information leading to arrests of those responsible.

Today the Orange County GOP showed off its renovated building. Local GOP leaders were joined by N.C. Republican Party heads to unveil the new office and encourage anyone with information about the attackers to come forward.

To date, no arrests have been made, but the FBI says they are investigating whether the attack may be related to a similar incident in nearby Carrboro in which a Republican activist’s minivan was vandalized and tagged with “GET OUT” graffiti. Carrboro is also a bastion of modern liberals in North Carolina.

In the year that has passed since then, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has become President Donald Trump and violence from leftist groups has become all too common place. Indeed, the term ‘Nazi’ is common parlance for leftists criticizing anyone who falls right of center on the political spectrum or dares to disagree with the tortured opinions of the modern day left.

“Anti-fascist” groups have routinely shut down free speech, assaulted innocent people, and destroyed property with little consequence. This is their method of political expression – conform, or else. How very tolerant of them!

Looking back, the Hillsborough GOP firebombing was just a taste of things to come from a petulant Left that has emerged from behind their carefully constructed facades of tolerance and liberalism and shown themselves for the collectivist brutes a lot of them truly are.

The recent tendency toward violence is not inconsistent with the basic political philosophy to which Leftists subscribe. It is built upon forcing individuals to fall in line behind a collectivist will that has zero regard for your rights to speech, conscience, property, or pursuit of happiness.

Each time you hear a Democratic politician, candidate, or activist deride Republicans for being ‘mean spirited,’ or ‘like Nazis,’ remember just how they react when faced with candidates and a voting populace that calls B.S. on the myth of liberal utopian policies and political correctness.

By definition, one year ago the Orange County GOP was the victim of a terrorist attack by leftists. Long live the Orange County GOP.

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