NOT LADYLIKE: First Lady Kristin Cooper Brags About Flipping Off ‘Brainwashed’ Child with Trump Sign, Calls Trump Supporters ‘A Bunch of Clowns’

First Lady of NC Kristin Cooper, and Democrat Governor Roy Cooper

RALEIGH – The First Lady of North Carolina, Kristin Cooper, wife of Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, isn’t very ladylike, after all. Well, at least when confronted with a crowd of conservatives waving flags in support President Donald Trump from the grounds of the Old State Capitol.

Specifically, First Lady Kristin Cooper is bragging on Facebook about ‘flipping off a brainwashed kid’ waving a Trump flag. She then goes on to describe Trump supporters as ‘a bunch of clowns.’

On the Facebook page of one Shannon Auer, Corresponding Secretary of the Democratic Women of North Carolina, Mrs. Cooper reveals herself.

Ms. Auer is traumatized that Trump supporters, who she equates to Nazis and cult followers, are rallying in her town, to which First Lady Kristin Cooper responds:

“They finally pretty much gave up on coming to Raleigh. There was a pitiful family group waving those flags by the Capitol today. I flipped them off and told them to go home. Was flipping off a brainwashed kid my finest hour? Probably not, but I can live with it. I listened in on their FB live broadcasts when they first came to the city in a desperate frenzy to get anyone here to care. They are a bunch of clowns.”

That the First Lady would give the middle finger to a child is, frankly, unbelievable. More unbelievable, still, is that she’d brag about it on Facebook. So, we’re actually open to other possibilities; was she hacked, is that her real page, a manipulated screenshot?

Yet, this appears to be Kristin Cooper’s Facebook page. This is the post from Ms. Auer that includes the shameful comments, recounting the shameful actions, from the First Lady. Check it out for yourself. It seems to be legitimate. All screenshots in this post were taken directly from Facebook, in real time, by First in Freedom Daily. Are we missing something?

The personal account from Mrs. Cooper, again, describing how she flipped off a child because he had a Trump flag, makes Ms. Auer ‘feel better.’

But it ought to make most North Carolinians feel embarrassed; embarrassed that the political Left has become so depraved that even the First Lady of the Great State of North Carolina — a position that should be marked by grace and decorum — is taking pride in giving the finger to a child.

The crowd of Trump supporters in question applied for, and received permits to hold an event on Old State Capitol grounds. At the last minute, and despite the specifics listed in the permit, the group was moved off grounds and to the sidewalk.

This from an organizer of the event:

“On Sunday, November 1 at 2 o’clock we had an event for conservative voices encouraging other Christians to vote. We had received the permit approval the week before, haven’t even been signed by the state police chief. Days prior to the event barricades were put around the state capital ground. We called the state police spoke to a couple of different officers and were told that the gate would be open for us allowing us to have our event on State Capitol grounds. The day of, officers Davis and Coley of the Raleigh State Capitol Police were very nice and helpful. They already had the entrances opened for us before we got there and helped us find the power outlet to plug in our amplifier. We started a bit late at 2:10ish pm. and by 2:25pm Sergeant Franklin showed up and called me to the side. He informed me that he was going to move us to the sidewalk and close the gate despite our permit clearly showing we were allowed to be exactly where we were. When I asked why he said the chief of state police Hawley was demanding he make us move. Again despite the permit clearly showing we were allowed to be there. The permit was signed by Chief Hawley and it was clearly marked. We obeyed the order and moved to the curb where we were then harassed by drivers shouting “F Trump” and other drivers flipping us off. The State police officers after moving us retreated back to the Capitol building and did not provide any security as the permit required.

This hate was directed at one of the children who had chosen to bring a Trump flag (multiple people had american flags and the child had the one trump flag). We found out today that one of those drivers was our Governor Roy Cooper’s wife Kristin. We can identify her by recognizing her face now that we know who she is (we saw her that day) She went to Facebook to brag about flipping off the child and we have the screenshot to prove it. We were not there shouting or disturbing anyone. We have video of the whole event. I am not sure who this should go to but figured it was worth reporting it to you so that others were aware. Attached are Mrs Coopers comments, our permit signed by the chief and the diagram of what our permit was for.”

First Lady Kristin Cooper admits she ‘can live with’ flipping off a child waving the flag of a political candidate, because he’s been ‘brainwashed’ by ‘a bunch of clowns.’

That’s nice; but can the people of North Carolina live with occupants of the Governor’s Mansion that behave this way?

All those Democratic voters that aren’t terribly enthused with Woke Revolution, but nonetheless believe they most oppose Trump because he lacks decency; what would they think about the First Lady bragging about her own indecency?

Do you think Alice Forest would be giving the finger to children waving a Biden flag? Exactly.

If you know any fence sitters waiting to go cast their ballot, make sure they see the true colors of the current occupants of the Governor’s Mansion.

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