‘Not Fit to Serve’: Tillis Blasts Cunningham, Biden Corruption

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Thom Tillis excoriated his opponent in recent interview with Breitbart, saying Democrat Cal Cunningham, mired in a spiraling extramarital affairs scandal, was ‘not fit to serve.’

Cunningham’s ‘truth matters’ campaign is blowing up, as the ‘family man’ candidate is revealed to be a serial adulterer not to be trusted. Tillis pointed out the consistent theme present in the Joe Biden campaign, on account of the exploding corruption scandal concerning Hunter Biden selling influence to the ‘Big Guy’ (who also gets the biggest cut).

Cal would only reinforce a Biden presidency of corruption and packing the courts, Tillis went on to say. Then, the former NC House Speaker summarized the Cunningham scandal and its implications in this vital North Carolina race.

From Breitbart:

“You know, it all started when Cal Cunningham was talking about ‘this campaign is about truth matters and honor,’” Tillis said. “Then we hear the story break about his having an affair, which was confirmed by the mistress–the wife of a wounded warrior. Cal Cunningham is a Lt. Colonel in the army reserves. He is now under investigation by the Department of Defense for at least a violation of the code of conduct. If they were under the same command and he was active at the time, he could be brought up for more serious charges. After the story broke, he has gone silent. He’s not doing any campaign events. He’s cancelled a number of fundraising events. I’ve been traveling across the state… I’m about to get in my truck and head out again today. He hasn’t responded to the press. I have not seen the story, Matt, this morning, but I guess another revelation occurred this morning. He’s not fit to serve in the U.S. Senate. Can you imagine somebody who’s under investigation by the army sitting on Senate Armed Services? Makes no sense.”

In addition to the obvious negatives for the Cunningham campaign, Tillis also suggested the illicit affairs, which the Democrat refuses to answer questions on, represent an extortion risk by bad and/or foreign actors.


“That’s why the investigation has to move forward, because obviously foreign actors try to find things about elected officials that could compromise them,” Tillis said. “It’s a potential risk. That’s why I believe the Army is doing their job beyond just the code of conduct violation. We have to go back. Cal Cunningham broke a tax pledge when he ran for the U.S. Senate, said he wouldn’t raise taxes, but raised it by a billion dollars after he was elected. During the primary he said he was for the Green New Deal, for Medicare for all. He won the primary saying whatever he had to to get elected. Now he says he’s against it. He says he wouldn’t pack the courts, but he’ll vote for Chuck Schumer, who has promised to pack the court. If North Carolina loses this Senate seat that I occupy for the people of North Carolina, we’re gonna see Cal Cunningham go to Washington and do whatever Chuck Schumer asks him to do. Chuck Schumer has already spent over $85 million in this race so far. All in, $233 million, because they know if they can win North Carolina, they’re going to win the majority in the U.S. Senate. Cal’s going to say and do anything right now, and he’s doing everything to avoid the press because he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his actions. This wasn’t years ago. This was in his own home in July. The height of arrogance of him out there—I know there’s another story out there today. I haven’t seen it but got a text right before I came on this show, but we’ll see what we’re going to learn.”

It is now exceedingly clear; Cal Cunningham is a character fraud, whose pragmatic advantages to the position (military experience, state legislative experience) have now completely evaporated into a cloud of distrust. Yet, will it matter in the end?

Polls still show Cunningham leading the race, with even the affairs and lies revealed. Tillis is certainly in one of the toughest races out there, but seems confident that his opponent, and the Democrats in general, doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near power. Hopefully enough of the fence sitters for this race are pushed in Tillis’ favor.

Read more from Tillis on what’s at stake, here.

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