‘No Justice, No Peace, Abolish Raleigh PD!’: Nearly A Dozen Arrests As BLM Protesters Camp Outside Governor Cooper’s Mansion

RALEIGH – Spend any time around the stat legislature and you’ll learn that, despite the gulf of separation on key policy conflicts, Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly get together on most bills to pass bipartisan legislation. That was the case with Senate Bill 168, an otherwise mundane technical corrections bill that includes a change to how long records related to police and prison investigations remain private when someone dies in police custody. The bill received a unanimous approval in the N.C. Senate and only a single ‘No’ vote in the N.C. House.

Yet, in our current environment, where each and every thing is in danger of being turned in to a new front in the culture war, this one provision has now led to a sit in and several arrests at the Governor’s mansion where BLM/Leftist/Woke protesters have been camped out since Monday.

The offending provision moves the requirement for making records public to after a medical examiner is finished with their role in scientifically determining the truths about a death and has become the focus of activists on the Left. As of now, the law says those records are released before going to the medical examiner’s office. It also provides the medical examiner legal recourse if they decide the information does not warrant being made public at all.

As we have seen time and again, alleged abuses by police get tried in a court of public opinion. Partial and biased information leaks, incomplete perspectives or records, and a thirst for immediate vengeance, versus the due process justice deserves, has lead to outcries and unrest based on widely accepted narratives that are later proven wildly untrue.

There exists zero sympathy for law enforcement officers that abuse their authority in harming and/or killing a person and it is because of that, not despite it, that such investigations should be substantially completed before making such records public. If justice is to be served fully and confidently, we must take the tenets of equal justice under the law seriously. For civilians and law enforcement officers alike.

Yet that’s not how The Mob views justice. Any effort to button up police/prison investigations so all the records, evidence, and medical assessments are solid and complete before being released to the public is a threat to The Mob’s rule.

The protesters at the Governor’s Mansion overstayed their welcome, though, with nearly a dozen being arrested Wednesday. While we’re surprised Roy Cooper didn’t just invite them in for a photo op, we’re glad the Raleigh Police Department is somewhat less inclined to tolerate it any longer.

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

“Raleigh police arrested 11 protesters Wednesday after they camped for two days outside the Governor’s Mansion downtown, dragging one of them down Blount Street.

The group, mostly college-age, opposes SB 168, which they are demanding Gov. Roy Cooper veto to keep records open in cases of people dying in police custody.

Roughly 40 officers filed into the protest about 9 a.m.. and demanded that the protesters disperse or face arrest. About a dozen of them had blocked Blount Street holding a banner that read, “Justice for Soheil,” a reference to Soheil Mojarrad, shot and killed by police last year.

One-by-one, police cuffed those in the street with zip ties and led them to the paddywagon as Taari Coleman shouted into a megaphone, “No justice, no peace, abolish RPD!” The group chanted after her as police stood silent, arms folded. […]”

There it is, again; Abolish the police. The woke warriors demand that Governor Cooper veto the bill, and expect to be taken seriously even as they chant ‘abolish RPD’? Fortunately for them, politicians like Cooper are actually taking fools like these as serious progenitors of sensible policy. The appeasement merely turns events like this into ones like CHAZ on the West Coast.

But with police clearing the protesters out from in from of Cooper’s residence, it raises an interesting point. Cooper won’t let The Mob run rampant right outside his front door for very long, but he was quite willing to surrender the State Capitol grounds to them a couple weeks ago so he could then use the day late, dollar short excuse of public safety to unilaterally circumvent the rules about moving statues. Funny how that happens.

Read more about the never-ending woke protests with moving targets here.

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