New Republican Registrations Running Laps Around Dem Registrations, Outpacing Unaffiliated, Growing in ALL 100 COUNTIES

RALEIGH – Registration drives have not typically been a strength of the Republican Party, and certainly not the NCGOP. The growth in “independent” or unaffiliated voters over the years has instead come from people abandoning their party registration, for whatever reason. However, in keeping with the surreal nature of 2020, the mont-over-month numbers indicate that Republicans are running laps around Democrats in terms of registering new voters in North Carolina, and even outpacing new unaffiliated registrations by a good margin.

An elections researcher David Goetze tabulated the numbers for North Carolina’s 100 counties, looking for the change month to month. What he found was surprising: Not only were Republican registrations growing in all 100 counties, they were nearly twice the rate of growth as Democrats in the top 10 counties.

He states, “I just computed the change in voter registrations for each county over the last month. This chart shows the top 10 counties for the most new registrations for DEM, GOP and UNA. The bottom line is the GOP is adding voters at more than twice the rate of the DEMs and 25% more than the UNA!

What’s more, when analyzing the numbers to see where the GOP, DEM, and UNA voters are ebbing or flowing, he found that GOP registrations are growing in all 100 counties, while DEM registrations shrank last month in a third of North Carolina’s counties.

“Democrats have lost voters in the last month in 33 counties. UNA lost voters in two counties. The GOP has not had any losses in any county but rather continued to increase in all 100 counties over the last month.” – David Goetze

Does that sound like an electorate shifting its momentum against Republicans, versus 2016? Or an electorate running away from the Democrat Party’s radical embrace of Woke Revolution?

The new voters month-over-month are, of course, just a fraction of the new voters registered in North Carolina since 2016. Carolina Demography keeps track of such things, and shows that our state has approximately 1.8 million new voters since 2016, making up 25% of the new total of 7.1 million registered voters.

That’s a lot of new voters in four years, and the highest growth over that time period has been in the Unaffiliated category:

A lot of the new voters are young; two-thirds of the registered 18-24 year olds are new registrations since 2016. The growth comes in some predictable places, like counties with colleges and military installations.

Whatever the change over 2016 looks like, the remarkable trend of the last few months in terms of registration trends seems to tell its own story. Going into the final stretch before, perhaps, the most important election of our lives, having the momentum and oomph shown by the GOP as of late is exactly where you want to be.

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