NEW Court Case on Constitutionality of NC Voter ID Law Begins Monday, Left Still Trying to Overrule Will of People

RALEIGH – It is understandable if you thought all of this had been settled already. With all the laws, challenges, a referendum, and an amendment literally added to the N.C. Constitution — all supported by the majority of North Carolinians — it should be settled.

Alas, the Left is on a fevered, orchestrated push to demonize and denounce nearly all sensible restrictions on, or requirements for voting. Here in North Carolina, a brand new court case on the constitutionality of the Old North State’s voter ID requirement — the one that’s now in our Constitution — begins this week.

The new trial is Holmes, et al. v. Moore, et al. and it focuses on Senate Bill 824, the 2018 operative legislation that detailed and implemented voter ID rules for which the People voted in support, adding the Voter ID amendment to the state constitution earlier that year by ballot referendum.

The angle taken by opponents of all sensible voter integrity measures is that it was unfair of the General Assembly (Speaker Tim Moore, et al.) to pass this bill during a ‘lame duck’ session, before a new, not quite as Republicans legislature came in the following month. Of course, they’re still leaning hard on the old saw that the requirement for voters to provide any of an exhaustive list of identification documents is….racist.

From ABC11:

“[…] “Why this matters is because there seems to be a consistent and persistent effort to deny the right to vote to certain individuals and certain groups of people,” Rev. Dr. Anthony Spearman, President of the North Carolina NAACP, told ABC11. “This was an unconstitutional rogue of villains and thieves that ushered in these heinous laws.” […]

Ahead of Monday’s trial, Rev. Spearman expressed confidence in the NC NAACP’s legal strategy, which scored earlier wins in federal court.

Lawyers for the state and local NAACP chapters told a federal court in 2018 that the new voter ID law is a “barely disguised duplicate” of the 2013 voter ID law and “carries the same discriminatory intent as its predecessor,” likely violating the U.S. Constitution. […]”

Asinine hyperbole; so, consistent challenges from the Left, it seems. It’s worth noting that the same political factions seem to be enthusiastic in their support for ‘vaccine passports,’ which are only possible if you’ve provided some sort of…identification.

The cognitive dissonance is deafening.

At least the media outlet feigned neutrality long enough to solicit comments from a less hysterical perspective:

“[…] According to SB-824, college IDs would be accepted to vote, including community colleges and private universities. Municipal government IDs that meet state requirements would also be accepted, along with driver’s licenses, military IDs and tribal enrollment cards. The bill, moreover, also drew support from some Democrats.

“When you think about North Carolina you can understand where we’re coming from. We have some of the freest election laws in the nation,” Newton argued. “We start absentee ballots becoming available 60 days before the election — before any other state in the country. We allow absentee ballot voting for any reason or no reason at all. In North Carolina, we have 17 days of early voting 18 days of voting, including Election Day.” […]”

That makes a lot of sense, which might be why it doesn’t penetrate the minds of those opposed to Voter ID. It is not good sense they are after. Instead, it has become painfully transparent that the Left’s attack on election integrity is nothing more than a push to weaken voting requirements so much that flooding the system with suspect Democrat ballots is made even easier than it already is. Any resistance is labeled racist, even proponents of Voter ID like former N.C. Senator Joel Ford, a black Democrat who authored much of the expansive implementation bill, are tarred and feathered.

Same story; different day. Read more on the case here.

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