NC State Professor to Students: ‘Fox News Spreads Bigotry and Hatred’

RALEIGH – Colleges and universities are cesspools of Leftist indoctrination for the most part. From student activists, to ‘woke’ professors, these institutions serve as a social justice training camp for susceptible co-eds. In the Old North State we usually associate this the most with UNC and Duke University, but every college has their nutty liberal professors that think indoctrination is part of their job description.

Case in point, this list of instructions from an N.C. State sociology professor telling students to that Fox News is evil and offering a list of reliable (Leftist) sources to follow.

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Sociology professors are some of the worst instructors on a college campus when it comes to Leftist indoctrination. It makes sense, sociology is the birthplace of tons of crazy ideas currently embraced by the Left, not least of which are social justice, transgender “rights”, a billion different genders, and postmodernist drivel.

So it’s no surprise that this Wolfpack professors is driven to smear any information sources on the Right as racist, bigoted homophobes. They make an attempt to appear that they are just encouraging students to get involved, calling the list ‘cynical.’

Which part is cynical, though? The part that accuses Fox News of spreading bigotry and hate? Or is it the list of “reputable” sources that features mostly outspoken Leftists?

If you have kids that attend N.C. State University, just know that ‘liberal arts’ mindsets also infect schools acclaimed for engineering.


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