NC ‘News Reporter’ Whines That Republican NC Congress Members ‘Reluctant to Acknowledge Biden as Presdient’

RALEIGH – The headline on Raleigh area ‘news’ network WRAL says it all: NC Republicans in Congress reluctant to acknowledge Biden as president.

Of course, Joe Biden IS NOT president. Donald Trump is president, no matter how current event splay out, until January of 2021.

One may figure that reporter Laura Leslie really meant that Republicans won’t acknowledge Biden as president-elect, but even that rationale excuses the blatant, anti-Trump, anti-Republican bias forever emanating from WRAL in general.

No; this is a late onset symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The reporter and her friends on the Left are livid that Republicans — from those who hold office, to those on the airwaves, to the voters themselves — would dare to question the media declared victory of Biden, or avoid jumping off the Biden Bandwagon on account of the legitimate legal challenges of the results on account of a tsunami of fraud allegations and clear and cut constitutional violations.

From the aghast Leslie at WRAL:

“Democrat Joe Biden was declared the victor in the presidential race a month ago by major media organizations, and last week, he officially grabbed enough electoral votes to win the race. But you wouldn’t know that talking with Republican members of Congress from North Carolina.

Not a single Republican member of Congress from the state is willing to say they’ll accept the vote of the Electoral College next week.

Biden defeated Republican President Donald Trump by more than 7 million votes, yet Trump continues to wage battles in the courts and on social media claiming that he actually won and that Democrats are using rampant fraud to steal the election.

WRAL News contacted all 10 Republican U.S. House members and U.S. Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr on Monday to ask whether they believe Biden has won and whether they will accept him as the legitimate president if he wins the majority of the electoral votes on Dec. 14.

Spokespersons for 5th District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, 7th District Congressman David Rouzer, 8th District Congressman Richard Hudson, 9th District Congressman Dan Bishop and 13th District Congressman Ted Budd responded without answering the questions. Most issued statements calling for election integrity and saying all claims of fraud need to be investigated. […]”

Imagine that; these Republicans, witnessing state legislative hearings present alarming testimony and analysis of election fraud in critical states around the country and major lawsuits challenging the results heading to the Supreme Court, are holding off on accepting Biden just yet.

After pretending that state certifications at this date mean the race is over, Leslie herself acknowledges that is not really true. Congress does not certify results until January 6; the inauguration doesn’t happen until January 20. As the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledged, those are really the only two dates that matter in the end.

While a good many states have certified election results, many of them are defendants in huge lawsuits alleging unconstitutional and/or fraudulent elections in those states.If the Supreme Court were to agree with plaintiffs like the State of Texas, those certifications wouldn’t mean much would they?

The voting may be over, but any honest observer understands that the race is still not officially decided. That observer would also be aware of substantial fraud allegations and strong accusations of unconstitutional election rule changes in those states.

Any honest and informed observer would acknowledge that Biden might not be ‘president-elect,’ after all, to say nothing of partisan politicians who naturally consider the appearances of abandoning their party’s candidate amid such a storm of suspicion.

That being said, the frustration piece penned by Leslie, and the general reaction of the Left to these challenges, is dripping with irony.

Clearly, the anti-Trump cabal on the Left are the ones refusing to acknowledge the possibility that Biden may not be sworn into office, that these election challenges are real and may have real consequences that pop their bubble all at once.

This isn’t new. Hardly. Trump’s detractors on the Left and in the Deep State just spent the last four years directly questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 win (literally calling him illegitimate), fabricating and sustaining the Russia collusion hoax (even after it was exposed), and literally (and provably) attempting a soft coup d’etat.

Not to mention impeaching him on a different, yet still completely baseless, claim that revealed more about the skeletons in Democrats’ closets than it implicated Trump in any wrongdoing.

So when ‘journalists’ are noticeably miffed that Republicans won’t play along with their narrative on Trump, especially regarding ‘accepting the results of the election,’ the only legitimate response is: GIVE ME A BREAK!

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