NC House Leadership Apparently Attempted To Bully Freshmen Legislators to Support HB2 Repeal…

Y’all remember Jimmy Dixon, don’t you?  HE is the guy House leadership calls when they need something really heavy-handed, really mean done (that can’t easily be traced back to them).  

Well, we got another report of some Jimmy shenanigans during the whole HB2 repeal saga.   As we reported earlier, Speaker Timmy and his crew were having a hard time securing votes within their own caucus to support a repeal deal.  So, they dispatched Jimmy to get ‘er done. 

My moles on Jones Street tell me Dixon got busy burning up the phone lines calling precinct chairmen in the home districts of the Republican newbies in the House (freshmen, second-termers, you know).  Mr. Dixon, I am told, oh so bluntly explained to those folks outside the beltline how much their city / county / district would suffer in Speaker Timmy’s House if they did not get their representative on board with leadership on the whole HB2 repeal thing.


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