NC House Introduces Bill To Punish Sanctuary Cities…

Excerpt By: News & Observer. Written By: Collin Campbell


Republican legislators are making another effort this year to cut off state funding for “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce federal immigration policies.

Four GOP House lawmakers filed a bill Wednesday that would withhold tax revenues from beer and wine sales, telecommunications and natural gas from local governments that violate the state’s 2015 ban on sanctuary-city policies. The new bill, called the “Citizens Protection Act of 2017,” also includes other provisions that crack down on immigrants in the country illegally.

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The North Carolina bill comes amid President Donald Trump’s proposal to take away federal grant money from sanctuary cities. The sponsors are Reps. Harry Warren of Salisbury, Jeff Collins of Rocky Mount, Jonathan Jordan of Jefferson and Jay Adams of Hickory.

The proposal to penalize sanctuary cities appears to be softer than a measure that passed the Senate last year but never got a vote in the House. The 2016 bill would have cut off a full year of state funding for school construction projects and local street projects to cities or counties that violate the state ban. Any local government in violation after 60 days would have lost a second year of funding.



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