NC Dems Confident in Wins in Districts They Previously Labeled ‘Rigged’?

RALEIGH – The North Carolina Democratic Party has been one of the most hysterical when it comes to the issues of legislative maps, both state districts and congressional ones. They claimed the maps were rigged to make it impossible for Democrats to win.

Yet they seem curiously confident in picking up a few congressional seats in November’s election.

Hmmm. So which is it? Are the maps rigged, or can Democrats be competitive in them?

Granted, the NCDP is supposed to be a cheerleader, and cheerleaders lead cheers even when their team is clearly losing. So the confidence could be just that.

It does, however, seem to discredit all the whining about districts they have done over these last couple of years.

Still, the Old North State would be better off if Democrats lose, even if it means the constant cries of gerrymandering and racism continue from the Left. Otherwise we may be looking at a congress that spend even more money than the Republicans do (and that is a high ceiling!).


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