NC Democrats go Full Orwell: Election Integrity = Voter Suppression

RALEIGH – The strategy was telegraphed plainly by the Left across the country, and Governor Roy Cooper here in North Carolina. Now, North Carolina Democrats are expounding on the officially approved narrative, going all in on the Orwellian premise that legislation to improve election integrity as actually a scheme of voter suppression.

N.C. Senate Democrats released this piece of propaganda on Medium, doing their part to repeat the lie enough times and with enough force that it becomes accepted as unchallenged presumption of truth.

“We knew it was coming. We saw it unfolding earlier this year in states like Georgia, Arizona, and Iowa.

Now, North Carolina voters are facing a new round of suppression from the extreme right with the newly filed Election “Integrity” Act.

After Trump was handed a resounding defeat, Republicans have been quick to file bills aimed at dismantling our entire our elections system. Typically, when one political party loses, they look at their platform, see how they can improve it to appeal to more voters. Republicans are going down a dangerously undemocratic path. It’s easier to just keep you from voting than it is to reflect on the fact that their failed policies have turned voters away. […]

Now, Republicans have turned their focus on the method of voting used largely by Democratic voters in 2020: mail-in ballots.

The efforts to suppress Democratic votes went as far as slowing down the entire US Postal Service. But that still wasn’t enough to stop both Biden and Cooper from winning their elections.

Senate Republicans are back to see that doesn’t happen again.

Senate Bill 326, the Elections “Integrity” Act, would stop absentee ballots received after 5 pm on Election Day from being counted. If you mailed your ballot in three days before Election Day, but it didn’t arrive until the day after because of a slow mail system: too bad. Republicans don’t think your vote should count.

In fact, if this had been law during the 2020 elections, 14,500 North Carolinians’ votes would have been tossed out. That’s more than the entire town of Graham. […]”

In their fit of projection, the NC Senate Dems admit to their strategy being tired and familiar: Labeling any standards for integrity and accountability in elections as somehow suppressive and definitely racist.

The (il)logic emplyed in the last line will no doubt be regurgitated over and over, no matter that obvious holes in that bucket. Are they saying 14,500 North Carolinians are somehow too incompetent to recognize an election day deadline and cast a ballot in time to have their vote counted?

Despite the authors ignorance, this theme resonates throughout the narrative Democrats are spinning on election integrity measures, a point made well by this sharp observer:

Don’t give them any ideas, Mr. Woodcox. The Left has already deemed merit and the concept of objective reality, even down to mathematics, as racist vestiges of White Supremacy worthy of permanent expulsion from society; they might be all too happy to leave elections open ended for as long as it takes to get the Democrat in office.

Read the full ‘voter suppression’ propaganda piece here.

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