NC Democrats File Bill to Register Ineligible Voters, No Questions Asked!

RALEIGH – The improved Voter ID legislation made it over a key hurdle Tuesday as it passed out of the House Rules Committee. Meanwhile, the political world in the Old North State is abuzz about the preponderance of evidence pointing toward some election fraud in the 9th District. Democrats are now acting as if they are leaders in calling for election integrity.

It’s only natural then that Democrat state lawmakers would introduce a bill to…exponentially increases opportunities for election shenanigans.

House Bill 1115 is titled the ‘Let North Carolina Vote Act,’ and its sponsors are seeking to make voter registration automatic and as widespread as possible. This includes anyone and everyone who ‘renews or obtains a North Carolina driver license, or registers for classes at a North Carolina community college or state university.’

It was long ago that Democrats (and some Republicans) were pushing to issue driver licenses to illegal aliens. We already know that college systems in the Old North State have a healthy amount of people who aren’t eligible to vote.

So it is quite alarming that this legislation seeks to REMOVE the following provision from existing law:

The person taking the application shall ask if the applicant is a citizen of the United States. If the applicant states that the applicant is not a citizen of the United States, or declines to answer the question, the person taking the application shall inform the applicant that it is a felony for a person who is not a citizen of the United States to apply to register to vote.

The application shall state in clear language the penalty for violation of this section.”

If Democrats are so concerned with eliminating chances for illegal voting, why on earth would they seek to eliminate state statute that requires registration pushers to ask about a person’s citizenship status? The Left does like to act as if it is offensive to even ask a person about their immigration status, particularly if it’s a police officer asking a suspicious person. Here, though, it seems to have more to do with getting as many people registered as possible, no matter what may make them ineligible.

We say ‘no matter what’ because the bill gets much worse:

“Ineligible applications prohibited. – No person shall make application to register to vote under this subdivision if that person is ineligible on account of age, citizenship, lack of residence for the period of time provided by law, or because of conviction of a felony. However, if a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this subdivision, the presumption shall be that the person’s registration is deemed officially authorized and shall not be attributed to any fault of the person.

No requirement to determine eligibility. – Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring State colleges or universities in The University of North Carolina System to determine eligibility for voter registration and voting.”

So the bill offers the obligatory line about prohibiting ineligible voter registrations, while completely negating any enforcement of that idea by automatically deeming ANY registration as ‘officially authorized’ just because it made it through.

Illegal alien registering to vote? Officially authorized. Convicted felon? Officially authorized. No residence in North Carolina? Don’t worry; officially authorized.

The bill would literally mean counting as legitimate every ineligible registration that made it through the process on the back end, because it prohibits people from asking about key eligibility disqualifications on the front end!

Even though this bill will not likely see the light of day under Republican majority control, how would such a law do anything but explode the opportunities for vote fraud? It almost makes one think that Democrats are not really interested in vote/election integrity at all, but merely using the 9th District shenanigans to score political points while at the same time pushing to expand opportunities for shenanigans in a big way.

Make no mistake, the current saga in the 9th District is only getting an ounce of attention because it is a Republican candidate that is implicated in benefiting from shady ‘get out the vote’ operations. It’s okay for Democrats to do it. We know that because our new chairman of the State Board of Elections Joshua Malcolm, a Democrat handpicked by Gov. Roy Cooper, recently said in reference to the 9th District that he would ‘NO LONGER turn a blind eye’ to apparent vote fraud in his part of the state.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


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