NC Democrat Lawmakers Shamefully Push NRA Blood Money Smear In Wake Of Mass Murder

RALEIGH – The Left has no shame. They like to think they own the realms of compassion and charity (charity with other people’s money, that is), but it took them no time at all to politicize Wednesday’s mass murder at a Florida high school in an effort to tout gun control and smear Republicans who receive donations from the National Rifle Association as taking ‘blood money.’

North Carolina Democrat lawmakers are no different. Actually, in recent years the Democratic caucus on Jones Street has increasingly lurched to the Left. They jump right on the Leftist bandwagon and use dead children to score partisan points and push their agenda.

Exhibit A:

Luckily a few were quick to call Martin out on his shameful tweet as well as his hypocrisy:

Rep. Grief Martin is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, and thus should know as well as anybody that the best defense against an evil guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Alas, Martin insists that NRA is blood money in order to smear Republicans, and the majority of Americans, that feel the right to bear arms is sacrosanct.

As long as we’re talking about ‘blood money’ though, let’s have a look at who supports Martin politically…Oh, looky here – Grier Martin sports endorsements from Planned Parenthood, of all groups.

“…indelibly stained in blood.”

So, Martin thinks that political donations from an association that (supposedly) advocates for the rights of gun owners in the United States are “indelibly stained in blood” while he boasts about his endorsement from, and pushes the policies of an organization that literally has the blood of unborn children on its collective hands every single day.

‘But, but, but, Planned Parenthood provides tons of women’s health services beyond abortions!’

We all know that is a farce. Planned Parenthood’s main money maker is abortion. And Grier Martin has the audacity to reference NRA donations as blood money in light of the mass murder in Florida, while he is endorsed by an organization whose business model is predicated on ending the lives of babies and then in some case selling their body parts.


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