NC AG Josh Stein Suing Trump, Again

NC Attorney General Josh Stein

RALEIGH – Whenever the Left develops a narrative, invariably attacking and smearing Republicans via misleading or outright false information, it is only a matter of time before North Carolina Leftists looking to make a name for themselves will write themselves into the story.

The family separations at the southern border is the latest tale spun up by Democrats to paint President Donald Trump as some heartless S.O.B. hell-bent on causing problems for any and every victim class.

Gov. Roy Cooper chimed in with his political attention grabbers, pulling three North Carolina National Guard soldiers off their border duties. And then his side kick and Attorney General Josh Stein stepped up to join a lawsuit against “Trump’s” border enforcement policies.

“Stein also sent a letter to the Homeland Security secretary asking for a list of any parents or children being housed in North Carolina because of this policy and the facilities where they are placed if that is the case.

“Like millions of North Carolinians, I watched in horror as the Trump Administration stripped thousands of children away from their parents,” Stein said in a statement announcing the legal action.

The Democrat took the legal action with 17 other Democratic attorneys general from Washington, Massachusetts, California, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia.”

By now you’ve most likely learned that this policy was not initiated by President Trump, but rather a reality brought about by a 1997 court case that said minors could not be detained WITH their parents longer than 20 days when the adults were waiting on prosecution. That means those facing felony charges were necessarily separated from the children they brought with them to illegally sneak into the country.

Kind of like how any American being arrested for a crime would be separated from their children, if they had them in tow at the time.

The request to know who is being housed in North Carolina is quite interesting. If memory serves, former Gov. Pat McCrory made a similar request of the Obama administration.

That’s because Obama was also taking in thousands of illegal ‘refugees’ – including minors separated from their parents – and placing them all around the country with out notifying any state authorities of their presence within their borders. Then it was Syrians ostensibly fleeing war in the Middle East.

“McCrory said he wants the federal government to stop relocating Syrian refugees to the Tar Heel state until officials receive more information about them and are satisfied with the federal government’s background checks of the immigrants.

“I think what my public safety people are requesting and what I request as governor,” McCrory says, “is that we learn exactly who these people are, what there backgrounds are and we know exactly where they’re being relocated.

“In case there are potential threats, we know where to follow through.”

Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt signed a letter, along with 17 other mayors, saying their cities are ready and willing to take in even more Syrian refugees than the Obama administration has proposed.

North Carolina is currently home to 59 Syrian refugees, according to McCrory.

“We have received almost little or no security information about those refugees on their backgrounds, even possibly their names in certain circumstances,” McCrory says. “We are asking for more additional collaboration and basic information, such as where these refugees are now residing.””

Notably absent from that security-based request of the president was then-attorney general Roy Cooper. Now that the party registration of the White House occupant is different, however, Cooper and Stein waste no time in soaking up press attention on the issue.

The security issues several years ago actually relate to the security issues today – the reason why it’s so important to secure the border.

More than 130 candidates for political office in Mexico have been assassinated this election cycle. By cartels that essentially run, not only Mexico, but a huge swath of Central America. And that’s where these illegal immigrants are coming from.

While plenty may legitimately be fleeing violence, how is anyone to know that bad actors are not taking advantage of the porous border just like they have been for decades?

The Left seems wholly unsatisfied with any policy of border enforcement, even ones administered by their Messiah Barack Obama. Instead, what they seem to want is a completely open border. The ‘open borders’ label used to be a negative, but now the Left has essentially adopted it as their official policy proposal on immigration.

And Josh Stein, as the State’s top cop, is throwing right in with them. Shame.

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