[UPDATED WITH SCHOOL RESPONSE] Mother of Guilford County High School Student Blasts School Leaders in Letter for Making Kids Wear Masks During Practice, Exercise

HIGH POINT – “When a kid dies under your watch for blindly following insane mandates, you will be responsible for that death.”

Those are the words from a mother of a Southwest Guilford High School student to school administrators after learning that students are being forced to wear face masks during intense exercise and sports practices.

The letter (names and identifiers have been redacted by request):

“Mr. [REDACTED], [School] leaders, GCS Board of Education,
I hope this letter finds you well.
My name is [REDACTED] and I have a senior who participates in several sports with [Guilford County High School].
I am writing to you because I am very concerned with the lack of support our children have from their leaders (teachers, coaches, counselors) in schools that are not standing up to these mandates that can be harmful for our children.
It is absolutely ridiculous to require anyone to do exercise with a mask on, inside or outside.
When a kid dies under your watch for blindly following insane mandates, you will be responsible for that death. You have a choice to stand up for what is right or be quiet and implement what is wrong.
I will not allow any of my children to participate in Sports if forced to wear a mask. 
My children are free and healthy and they will not be brainwashed into thinking that as a healthy person they are putting others at risk, nor will I allow them to believe that it is safe for them to wear a mask while exercising.
I invite you to read the information attached that that shows masks to be ineffective in containing RNA viruses.
I hope our leaders in the schools will stand up to truth and freedom for the children and communities they serve.
If you are not speaking up for them, you are against them.
I have also copied local news sources in hopes they will publish this letter, without names, but with the school district in mention, so the community is aware of the new mandate the NCHSSA has implemented, how our children’s leaders are failing them and that parents are speaking out. We are our children’s best advocate and we cannot stay quiet! 

Kindest regards,


Pandemic Panic is surging all over again, but this time it doesn’t enjoy the cloud of uncertainty around the virus. The pathogen affects the older and infirm most severely, it has an over 99 percent survival rate, and it barely, if ever, touches children.

Moreover, in the last several months of lockdowns, restrictions, and shaming from public officials and sanctimonious neighbors, curious individuals have been able to dig up all the ‘science and data’ on masks that some just don’t want you to see.

There is more than enough ‘science and data’ to cast doubt on mask mandates.

Far from not ‘getting behind the mask’ in general, however, this mother is incensed specifically because kids (who are already at minimal risk) are being forced to cover their faces while also doing heavy aerobic activity.

If you’ve ever played a sport, and endured a long practice or tough game, you know what being winded feels like. Now, imagine doing all that, and trying to catch your breath…while wearing a mask over your mouth and nose.

In the name of fear, we’ve embraced feel-good practices that are far more dangerous than they are effective. This Guilford County Mama Bear has had enough of the terrible farce that is Pandemic Panic, especially when it means schools are putting her kids in known danger in order to pretend they are keeping them safe from something we know doesn’t present a serious risk to children.

[UPDATE — School Principal Responds]

The principal of the Guilford County High School has responded to the concerned mother. (Emphasis added)

“Good afternoon Mrs. [REDACTED],

I appreciate your concern and want to provide you with accurate information.

Here are the mask expectations for Swimming and W. Lax:

               Swimming: No masks during pool time activity. Masks must be worn when swimming is not occurring (inside, outside, poolside, etc).

    1. Lax: Masks must be worn inside and out except during running and high intensity activities. If the athlete has a lung or heart issue with a doctor’s note, the mask can be taken off.

At this current moment, the only sports that masks are mandatory for practice are Volleyball and Cross Country.  Swimming is two days a week conditioning only and the masks would not be worn during high intensity training.

Please let me know if I can clarify any concerns in the future.

Thank you,

Mike Hettenbach


We Stand Together 

Equality and Equity Matters”

The principal seems to want to clear things up: no masks are required while swimming.

Now that is funny.

Fortunately, he also mentioned that students aren’t required to wear masks for lacrosse while engaging in high intensity activities and running. That’s good.

However, he then mentions that masks are mandatory for volleyball practice and cross-country practice. We could be wrong, here, but practicing for cross-country running would be…running.

The best thing to takeaway is that kids aren’t being forced wear the masks while huffing and puffing through a practice. Except when they are.

The kicker, though, is the principal’s woke sign off: Equality and Equity Matter.

But not the real science and data concerning kids, coronavirus, and face masks, apparently. At least parents know where the priorities are.

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