More Woke Vandalism in Johnston County

CLAYTON – The targeting of campaign signs continues, this time in Johnston County with reports of signs being stolen and vandalized across the county. According to the Johnston County Republican Party, it has been going on for some time with no sign of slowing.

From the JoCo Republican Facebook Page:

“Republican candidate signs have been destroyed ALL around Johnston County. Torn down. Taken from the wires and replaced with Democrat signs. Even taken to the landfill. This is a new low.

Board of Elections knows about it. Sheriff’s Dept knows but they can’t really do anything about it without evidence. Democrat Party Chairman can’t really do anything about it.
These people that do these kinda things are the same folks who have been destroying and looting our cities. They’re anarchists and socialists. […]”

Of course, over in the western part of the state, Republican Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn has been the focus of a Woke assault on campaign signs. Anecdotal stories from every corner of the state point to a widespread targeting of Trump and Republican signs.

The issue certainly isn’t exclusive to Republican signs, obviously. Every village has its idiots, and there have unfortunately been reports of Biden/Harris signs and other Democratic campaign signs, being stolen, moved, or knocked down. Sometimes it’s as simple as the DOT moving signs out of the right of way; other times its a political temper tantrum.

Raleigh media actually reported on the issue. Well, they reported on the reports of Democrat signs being stolen from the yards of frail old ladies, at least. They interviewed people, made the Biden/Harris signs the focus of the story…and then threw in that the sheriffs department reports 9 out of 10 reports are of Trump/Pence signs being vandalized or stolen.

From ABC11:

“[…] Frederick Henry has been a resident of the town for about 10 years. In that time, the active voter, who just voted for former Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on this year’s ticket, said he has never dealt with this kind of response to his campaign signs, saying, “this election is very contentious.”

On Monday, while Henry was at work, a next-door neighbor called him and told him that several “Biden-Harris” signs were taken off people’s property, including his own lawn.

Just around the corner, nearby neighbor Beverly Hillard said the same thing happened to her while she was shopping on Saturday. The longtime resident in the neighborhood said her “Biden-Harris” and “Governor Roy Cooper” signs were stripped, only leaving the wired remains.

“I went to the Democratic Party and bought my signs, so nobody should be trying to take my signs,” Hillard said. […]

Officials with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve been dealing with a lot of weekly complaints and reports regarding stolen signs, something they naturally deal with during an election cycle.

In recent weeks, the sheriff’s office said, most of the campaign sign thefts and vandalism have involved “Trump-Pence” signs; it’s been the case in nine out of 10 of the reports they receive. They say it’ has made this string of incidents stick out.[…]”

So, the sheriffs office reports this incident sticks out because it is so rare; that the vast majority, 9 out of 10, of active campaign sign vandalism involves the destruction or vandalism of Republican signs; and ABC11 does a sob story on the one?

To be clear, messing with other people’s property is wrong, regardless of whose it is or what political message it promotes. That being said, it is clear that the Raleigh media have far no interest in making victims out of Republicans as long as there’s at least one Democrat they can focus on instead.

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