Moral Monday Leftists To Celebrate Protests’ 5th Anniversary

RALEIGH – For the last five years the North Carolina General Assembly, and specifically the Republican majorities, have been subjected to regular and typical protests from the ultra Left.

They Moral Monday Movement started their protests when Republican Gov. Pat McCrory added to the Republican domination of the state legislature. The object of the Leftists ire has been a moving target, ranging from unemployment reform, voter I.D., tax cuts, teacher pay, House Bill 2, Redistricting and any other policy that didn’t align with the social justice campaign.

On Monday, April 30, the rabble-rousers will again descend upon the Halifax Mall behind the General Assembly to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the protests and applaud all their arrested comrades along the way.

Of course, they will also push a social justice agenda and pretend as if they speak for the people of North Carolina. The topics of their tantrums will be:

Fair Courts, Immigration Justice, Voting Rights and Veterans, Economic Justice, Education, Environmental Justice and Equality for All.”

Whenever you see ‘justice’ as part of these terms, it portends collectivism, retribution, and the antithesis of liberty.

Immigration Justice – allowing anyone and everyone to enter and stay in this country/state, regardless of the laws and at the expense of law abiding, taxpaying citizens.

Economic Justice – the forcible expropriation of hard earned money from some in order to redistribute it to others, in direct violation of property rights, and direct support of a socialist framework that is anathema to American values.

Environmental Justice – Assigning blame for the utter destruction of the environment to capitalist right-wingers and subverting the liberty and property of individuals to the mythical narrative of man-made climate change than barely cloaks the real goals of collectivist government control over the economy.

Equality for All – bastardizing the premise of equality under the law, and purposely conflating it with manufactured victim classes in an effort to force individuals and businesses to validate and cater to the whining complaints of an alphabet soup of self-loathing Leftist factions.

The name itself, Moral Monday Movement, is Orwellian doublespeak. They claim the moral high ground while advocating policies that are distinctly immoral at worst, and ignorant at best.

But conservatives should celebrate on April 30 too – celebrate the fact that the asinine policies advocated by the Moral Monday Leftists have been relegated to bull horn chants instead of state statute.

Resting on the laurels of 7 years of Republican policy successes would be a mistake though. Just imagine if Democrats (with the help of media, courts, and outside interests) were successful in breaking Republican majorities. They would carry the flag of the Moral Monday Movement, and do their best to institute policies that would not only undue the progress made in recent years, but bankrupt the state,raise taxes, and restrict liberty in the process.

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