MILLION MAGA RALLY: March for Trump Saturday in DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s not over ’til it’s over; and MAGA country is headed to the nation’s capital this Saturday to March for Trump as multiple court cases and allegations of fraud throw the presidential election results into rarefied air.

At 12:00 PM, Saturday, November 14 patriots from all 50 states will meet at Freedom Plaza for a rally in support of President Donald Trump. At 2:00 PM there will be a march to the Supreme Court.

A MAGA delegation from North Carolina is headed up with charter buses, organized by Liberty First, to stand for truth and transparency in this hugely consequential and yet to be decided election.

There’s a list of speakers for the event. That will likely grow, but it already includes a couple congressmen (one of which is from the battleground that is Pennsylvania).

Of course, the event has been censored by Big Tech and Mainstream Media. When the event is acknowledged, it is to smear the incoming attendees as some radical white supremacists (how original!) that mean trouble.

Make no mistake, these Trump supporters are patriots that have no interest in doing wrong; just every interest in making sure the right thing is done when it comes to the integrity of our elections.

In keeping with the smear campaigns and ‘resistance,’ officials in D.C. (a jurisdiction that voted 95 percent against Trump) have been throwing up obstacles to the event left and right.

Literally. Road closures, permit denials, and likely a fair bit of ‘construction’ that limits access to the capital city and forces everyone to use the metro. It’s reminiscent of a march on D.C. of close a million patriots about a decade ago, when this ‘fundamental transformation of the United States of America started in earnest.

Just like then, though, such obstacles will not dissuade those intent on showing support for the president and, more importantly, our founding principles and fair elections.

And just like then, networks will black out any positive coverage of this event; only leveraging whatever they can to smear the attendees as dangerous sore losers that cannot accept the media-declared-victory of Joe Biden.

However, one key difference in 2020 is the bevy of alternative news sources that will be streaming and covering the events.

If you cannot make it to D.C., which is understandable, organizers are asking for people to march on their state capitals, and/or at the very least let President Donald Trump know that he should not concede until the election is really settled in a transparent way.

With half the country assuming Biden has won, and the media pushing the ‘fraud is conspiracy theory’ narrative as hard as possible, such a big show of support may have a sizable impact on perception among honest observers.

It will also draw the ire of Leftists that like to hold ‘marches’ of their own. Except, those marches consistently turn into violent mobs rather quickly. Provocation is likely if some of those groups make a point to demonstrate against the MAGA March.

This is all happening, of course, as multiple court cases alleging significant fraud and irregularities occurred in several swing states move toward the Supreme Court. It also coincides with a massive replay of Pandemic Panic. Something tells us that these crowds on Saturday won’t be afforded the same level of understanding from those re-upping the COVID hysteria.

Head here to check out the official page, and watch for live streams starting around noon tomorrow.

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