Metro Reporter Obsesses Over Outspoken Conservative State Lawmaker

RALEIGH – N.C. House Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare) is an unabashedly conservative street fighter that never hesitates to call it like she sees it. That quality has served to get under the skin of many on the Left, as well as a few squishy moderate Republicans that have a natural aversion to tersely defending conservative principles.

One of those people whose bleeding heart spirits are particularly aroused by Boswell’s outspoken conservatism is Paul/Andy Specht, a reporter for a certain Raleigh metro paper that has a habit of leaping Left and slapping a “news” label on it.

In the last several weeks, Specht has made a routine of penning negative pieces on Boswell, as if there is a dedicated ‘Boswell Bashing’ section in the paper’s budget every week.

First in Freedom Daily certainly has it’s favorite targets to put a negatively spotlight on (Cooper, Tillis), for purely political reasons. But then again, we’re a conservative news/opinion site openly operating on a conservative agenda, NOT parading as a neutral source of high esteem journalism.

Admittedly, social media and campaign materials listing Boswell as a nurse when she in fact is not one made news for a legitimate reason. After a professional association asked for her to correct it, Boswell did, saying the ‘Nurse’ title (she’s a phlebotomist) slipped through out of confusion among staffers’ impression of what she did. If a woman in scrubs came and drew your blood, and you referred to her as a nurse, no one would be aghast at your technical mischaracterization.

Philly March For Our Lives, NRA = Terrorists. Hmmmm.

To Specht it was reason to pounce on behalf of the Left. Most recently, the paper complemented it’s fawning coverage of the anti-gun rallies organized by the Left with a piece taking Boswell to task for pointing out that some anti-gun nuts have intimated they’d comply with taking people’s guns by force, even if they had to kill them to do it.

“According to a North Carolina legislator, some March For Our Lives speakers also called for a far more nefarious approach. State Rep. Beverly Boswell, a Republican from the coast, suggested on her Facebook page that speakers at the marches expressed violent intentions.

“Many of the speakers at these rallies were calling for gun registration, confiscation, Second Amendment repeal and even the murder of those who would not turn over their guns to the government,” Boswell wrote on her campaign Facebook page.

Murder? That seems harsh.


Boswell’s comments about March For Our Lives were part of a side conversation on her Facebook page after she posted a photo of some students with the caption, “They’re out to take your guns, and our freedoms,” at 8:10 p.m. on March 26. On March 27, she posted the comments about the march speakers after someone suggested Boswell’s original post was a “scare tactic” meant to distract people from the message of the march.

The March For Our Lives website doesn’t say anything about forcefully taking guns from gun owners, much less harming them.


But the group doesn’t appear to have ties to groups with a history of advocating violence. PolitiFact recently debunked a claim by the National Rifle Association that the March For Our Lives is “backed by radicals with a history of violent threats, language and actions.”

So because the March For Our Lives WESBITE doesn’t officially endorse killing gun owners in print, it must mean that no anti-gun nuts have ever even joked about murder to confiscate guns.


Could THAT have been what Boswell was referring to when linking the anti-gun movement and March For Our Lives with people that would murder you to take your guns?

But that can’t be true, because the March For Our Lives website doesn’t list forced expropriation and harming gun owners on it.

Even if this is an obvious supporter of the Left’s March For Our Lives narrative that articulates all the same policy goals of the anti-gun movement and also jokes about killing people to take their guns, Specht and PolitiFact couldn’t possibly be expected to know about this one guy, who obviously didn’t read the website. It’s not like it was reported far and wide.

“Boswell said “many speakers” at the March for Our Lives rallies were calling for “the murder of those who would not turn over their guns to the government.” She didn’t provide any evidence to back up her claim, and PolitiFact found no evidence. We rate this claim Pants on Fire.”

Actually, Boswell said “many speakers were calling for gun registration, confiscation, Second Amendment repeal, even the murder of those who would not turn over their guns to the government.”

Whether Boswell saw the calls for forcefully taking guns no matter the resistance at the March For Our Lives event stage, or on the wires reporting those exact sentiments being voiced by supporters of that event, it makes little difference. Taking Boswell’s Facebook rant so literally, and then choosing to actively ignore the fact that some gun control advocates have indeed said such crazy things, all to score political points against a conservative should tell you a lot about the venerable metro paper of record.

Reached for comment, Boswell was unsure just why this reporter had such an obsession with her, but the reasons seems clear enough for anyone to observe.

Boswell is in a primary for her House seat against a Republican that says Dare County doesn’t need jobs, and sides with the Environmentalist Left on the issue of offshore energy exploration.

You may have read about her opponent in this article in the N&O as part of their neutral, objective reporting by the same author in question, titled:

“‘Honest, truthful’ Republican challenges NC lawmaker who claimed to be a nurse.”

When you’re catching flak, it usually means you’re right over the target. Boswell is catching all the right kind of flak.

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