Meet The Radical Liberal, Scam Artist Roy Cooper Wants To Run DEQ

Earlier this week, after he had already been sworn in as Governor behind closed doors in the dead of night, Roy Cooper finally started nominating individuals to fill out his administration.

Having literally no administration in place, outside of a few of senior staff positions, as he was sworn in is extremely uncommon for incoming Governors of North Carolina.

Regardless, it’s the people Roy Cooper has chosen for the very few administration slots he has nominated individuals for that are most alarming. For example, one of the first actions Cooper undertook as Governor was to hire an extreme anti-military radical as his senior advisor.

And earlier this week, Cooper continued his trend of nominating radical liberals to position’s within his administration, naming Michael Regan, formerly of the global warming alarmist Environmental Defense Fund, as the nominee for Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality.

To understand just how radically liberal Regan truly is, all one has to do is look at the response from North Carolina’s most radically progressive blog, NC Policy Watch’s Progressive Pulse, who penned a glowing piece on just how “wonderful” Regan is in their view.

In fact, the Progressive Pulse’s fawning over Regan was reminiscent of the mainstream media and the ‘tingle up the leg’ they felt when Barack Obama was running for President.

“As soon as Michael Regan spoke at the governor’s mansion today, it became clear that he is the antithesis of Donald van der Vaart. Gov. Roy Cooper’s choice to lead the state Department of Environmental Quality, Regan was softspoken, yet confident,” Progressive Pulse reporter Lisa Sorg wrote. “In contrast, as DEQ secretary, van der Vaart exerted his authority through a domineering, even defensive persona.”

Surely Regan is a nice enough guy, but he’s also hellbent on forcing burdensome and needless regulations and fees on North Carolina business owners, crippling the Pat McCrory economic recovery the state has thankfully experienced since 2012.

For some reason, Regan believes “clean energy,” energy sources like solar and wind that have proven to be ineffective, costly, and completely unreliable, can tackle rural poverty and “environmental justice” in eastern North Carolina.

But beyond Regan’s ridiculous and radical environmental views, he’s apparently also a scam artist who used fraud to take millions of dollars from hardworking North Carolina tax payers during his time at the Environmental Defense Fund.

According to records published on the North Carolina Secretary of State’s website, Regan took over $4.6 million from hardworking North Carolina tax payers, but only used about $1.3 million for actual charitable activities.

The rest was used for other activities, like electing radical liberals like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and North Carolina Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate, Deborah Ross.

National and state laws allow charities to call tax payers, even those on the “Do Not Call” list, to solicit funds. With Regan in a leadership position, the Environmental Defense Fund used that exception to rack up millions of dollars from those who thought they were actually donating money that would be used exclusively for charitable works.

But only less than one of every three dollars (less than 29%) was actually used for environmental work.

The overarching irony of the whole situation is the fact that as Attorney General, Roy Cooper has constantly labeled himself a great ‘defender of the consumer.’ And back in 2011, Cooper hired his now senior advisor, Ken Eudy – a major anti-military advocate – to give a presentation to his Department of Justice on “financial scams.”

Obviously, Cooper needs to attend another presentation on how his nominee for Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality scammed hardworking North Carolina tax payers out of millions of dollars to fund his radically liberal environmental group.

We can be sure, though, that these type of issues and questions will be brought up when the North Carolina Senate takes up the task of vetting Michael Regan prior to voting to approve or deny his appointment to the role of Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality.

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