Losing It? NC Democratic Senator Snatches Reporter’s Phone and Chucks It Across Room

RALEIGH – They lost two special congressional elections, dropped their veto defense just long enough for Republicans to score an override of vetoed budget in the N.C. House, and, despite better leverage than last session, they are still a minority. All of this maybe starting to get to some Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Whatever it is, something was with out a doubt bothering N.C. Senator and Pastor Paul Lowe (D-Forsyth) on Wednesday. The senator was caught on camera by a reporter from a conference room with other Democratic colleagues on Wednesday, seemingly frustrated. (It’s understandable; they’ve been getting owned this week.)

Upon noticing the reporter filming the lawmakers with a phone in a public building, Lowe makes a B-line right for him, asks him what he’s doing with his phone, then proceeds to snatch the phone and throw a Hail Mary with it.

It’s worth noting that this was not some First in Freedom Daily reporter sticking a camera in a Democrat’s face after a long week of political battles. This is a reporter from N.C. Policy Watch, a Far Left outfit dedicated to smearing Republicans and advancing the Woke Agenda. In other words, this reporter is a friend to Democrats.

But, rage is blind? You can tell in the video that Lowe (joined by Democratic Senators Floyd McKissick and Jay Chaudhuri) is already worked up over something as they exit the room together. McKissick is trying to calm Lowe down a bit, and seems to instinctively hold him back when Lowe spots the camera.

What was ultimately harmless, is still altogether unacceptable from a state lawmaker. Once Lowe cooled down, he seemed to recognize this and issued an quasi-apology.

I apologize for anything that I’ve done. It was an unfortunate circumstance. I apologize for that circumstance. I’d be more than happy to sit down and talk with him,” Lowe said according to NC Policy Watch. Not a very sincere apology, if you ask me, and probably didn’t alleviate the reporter’s distaste for that ‘circumstance.’

“What happened today isn’t just an assault on me,” [the reporter, Joe] Killian said in a statement. “It’s an assault on the free press. Any North Carolinian should be able to visit the General Assembly without being assaulted. Working journalists, now more than ever, have to be able to do their jobs there without fear of assault or destruction of their professional equipment. Representatives of the people of North Carolina should understand that.”

Beyond the very snowflake quality of that whiny response, he’s exactly right. Lawmakers should definitely understand that, but sometimes Democrats have a way of melting down emotionally when they can’t get their way. Imagine the coverage this would receive if it were a Republican taking and tossing a Lefty Reporter’s phone?

So what was going on in the room that the reporter thought was newsworthy to film? Well, he sayshe heard screaming from behind a closed door, followed by a shout for police assistance.”

Seems like something you’d want to capture as a reporter, no? Of course it does, and the way Lowe emerged from that room and attacked a journalist suggests he may have been the one causing all the ruckus.

Along with the hysterics from Democrats (the ones who showed up) on the House floor after a Republican override of Cooper’s budget veto, there have been quite a few fireworks on Jones Street this week after a relatively quiet summer. If it continues like this they may have to add a line item in the budget for emergency straight jackets at the legislative building, just in case.

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