LOL: Tillis Says The National Debt Keeps Him Up At Night

HENDERSONVILLE – U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) covered a lot of ground during a business round table discussion in western North Carolina late last month. According to Hendersonville Lightening Tills spoke about Trump, immigration, interest rates, and offered a gem on the national debt.

“Tillis was asked about national security implications of the $21 trillion national debt and whether there is a plan to reduce it.

What keeps me up at night (is) not Russia, not North Korea, not China, not Isis … It’s the national debt,” Tillis said.”

For real? This is the same Thom Tillis that, just weeks ago, joined the Republican Establishment in the Senate to blast and belittle Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for holding up a vote on a high dollar continuing resolution.

What was Paul doing? He was asking for a vote on an amendment that would keep the spending caps in place that Republicans previously passed under President Obama.

How did Tillis react just weeks ago to a principled stand against recklessly spending our way into deeper and more dangerous debt levels?

He patronized Paul, saying this:

“Do you want to be a senator that wants to make a point or you want to make a difference? You know what? I don’t see how points alone can make a change in America. You can make a point all you want. But points are forgotten. There’s not a whole lot of history books about the great points of the American Senate.”

So, Tillis fights against spending caps and for the status quo of the D.C. Swamp when he is inside the Beltway, and comes back to North Carolina professing that the national debt keeps him up at night.

He continued the pandering to the business round table with this:

“Tillis recalled the economic crisis in North Carolina in 2011, when he was Speaker of the state House. The state found itself “in the worst fiscal situation since the Great Depression. We had to solve it and had to get the state on sound financial footing. We were roundly criticized for cutting. But nothing (bad) happened and North Carolina has done crazy well as a result. I’ve lived that in real terms here. I don’t know how we get people there” on the national level.

Tillis has asked his staff to read the Simpson-Bowles report and bring back the “best three to five ideas that we should move forward and tell me what the risk factors are. A lot of them are going to come back and say, ‘Boss, these are great ideas but it would be political suicide.’ And to that I would say I don’t care. What I want to do is to start communicating what’s necessary. If the worst-case scenario is me losing my job in 2020 and producing a result in the meantime, that’s a hell of a good scenario.””

Actually, Tillis losing his job to a Republican primary challenger WOULD be “a hell of a good scenario.”

But here, the proud RINO presents himself as the chivalrous senator fighting the good fight and unconcerned with his own reelection. Except, when the figurative fiscal fists are actually flying, we know he only rears back to pummel those who would have the gall to delay a vote in an attempt to restrain spending.

Just another example of Thom being Thom.

Read more of his comments to the local business owners here.


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