Liberal Republican PAC at Work in Western NC Congressional Primary

NC-11 – Republican primary voters in western North Carolina have been subject to an onslaught of energetic campaigning from a full bench of candidates after the surprise announcement from popular incumbent Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) would not seek reelection. Ever since, the 11th Congressional District has been inundated with ads, with some touting candidates, and others touting smear campaigns. One of the groups saturating voters with ads caught the attention of astute voter, who thought something felt ‘off.’

A Political Action Committee (PAC) called ‘Fix Congress Now’ is one of those flooding voters with ads, and they have focused their fire on Republican primary candidate Lynda Bennett. One of the first candidates out of the gate, Bennett earned the early support of local Tea Party groups before landing the express support of Meadows and the House Freedom Caucus.  Naturally, this made her the front runner, and immediately thereafter, Bennett became the focus of all sorts of forces intent on bending the race against her.

That voter that sensed something about this PAC also happens to be a researcher by profession; so she went to work. What she found reveals efforts by liberal Republican groups to sink conservative primary candidates like Bennett in favor of more milquetoast, centrist candidates that will play nice in The Swamp.

From our curious sleuth:

“Fix Congress Now has a website that is a nothing burger.  No indications who they are, only vague money spread sheets. Researching the address on the flyers which is 1580 Lincoln St, Suite 250, Denver Colorado, 80203, we found an organization with the name  If you look up and scroll down to the contact area, you will find that is has the address on the flyer. 
Unite America reports to have the goal of turning the representation at the Capitol into more centrist representation.  They work in hard leaning primaries and knock out the most formidable candidates that (in district 11) are the most conservative; knocking them off the ballot in order to help a less conservative candidate go on to the general ballot.  This meets their goal of turning the representation in DC from hard leaning areas to what they define as more centrist.  When I read and dug up anything I could on their site, the goal is to put more liberal Republicans into office. […]”
This group actually brags about what they did in Virginia — you know, our neighbor to the north that has slipped into Democrats’ control and wasted no time in leading an assault on our unalienable rights. If you live in the 11th District, you’ve likely seen ads from Fix Congress Now, or received their mail pieces, attacking Bennett and other conservatives. This groups wants to elect Republicans that LEAN LEFT, which means they want the quintessential RINO.
Our sleuth did more digging, and discovered that one of the top contributors to this PAC, Kathryn Murdoch, works for the Clinton Climate Inititative! Kathryn’s husband James Murdoch is the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. They are the motive force behind these liberal Republican PACs. They’ve been at work for a while. More on the Murdochs from the Intercept:
“[…] Take the curious case of Kathryn Murdoch and Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering. According to its incorporation papers, Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering was formed in early August by the Gober Group, an election law firm based in northern Virginia. The first public mention of Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering came a month later, in an announcement by Unite America, a once obscure political organization that raised its profile earlier this year when Kathryn Murdoch became its co-chair and largest donor; she’s a daughter-in-law of Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch. On September 19, Unite America announced that it is providing more than $5 million in funding to Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering and three groups in Massachusetts, Alaska, and New York that advocate for ranked-choice voting and fairer redistricting. […]”
So what is a PAC whose top contributors literally work for the political antithesis of the GOP, doing meddling in a Republican primary? Trying to elect more RINOs, of course. To these establishment special interests, conservatives like Mark Meadows and those members of the House Freedom Caucus are a nagging thorn in their side. They don’t ‘play ball,’ they govern according to conservative principles, and they ruin on all the taxpayer-funded fun they like to have in The Swamp. So, the Meadows-endorsed candidate with the backing of the House Freedom Caucus is persona non grata as far as this PACs is concerned.
Which should tell conservatives that Lynda Bennett must be right over the target that we conservatives are constantly aiming for. Why else would she be catching all this smearing flak? Will Big Government, Left-leaning, establishment interests from outside the state determine who western North Carolina’s Republican nominee is? Let’s hope not.

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