LGBT Radicals Weirdly Silent on NC University Chancellors’ Failure to Support Them

National and state LGBT radical pressure groups continue to attack citizens, businesses and public and elected officials in North Carolina over the former House Bill 2 (“HB2,” the “transgender bathroom bill”) and now its replacement law, which left in place prohibitions against individuals’ usage of public restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

But Washington-based Human Rights Campaign and Raleigh-based Equality NC have not spoken a word against the actions of Chancellors Carol Folt of UNC-Chapel Hill and Randy Woodson of NC State, neither of whom voted for a September 2016 decision by the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Council of Presidents to boycott North Carolina over HB2. Some supporters of HB2 found that to be out of character for the transgender activists.

“Pro-LGBTQ groups typically operate from a mob mentality,” said Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. “There is no strength in their arguments. So they rely on loud noises and outcries in packs, herds, and rabbles.”

The gender-identity and -fluidity rights activist groups were contacted by Liberty Headlines to seek their views on Folt’s and Woodson’s lack of support for their NC boycott agenda, but none of the groups’ representatives responded. Nor have the pressure groups produced any public statements about the chancellors’ failure to support their strategies, unlike other instances where they have done so.

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HRC and Equality NC have not been reluctant to shame individuals and organizations when they fail to support their political tactics in pursuit of their open bathrooms agenda; At the same time they have endorsed those who embrace their strategies. For example, when the NBA removed its All Star Game from Charlotte this year, and the NCAA removed its sports championships from North Carolina, both earned plaudits from the LGBT activist groups. But when the NBA reinstated the state’s eligibility to host the All-Star Game in 2019, and the NCAA said its tournaments could again return to the state next year, they incurred the wrath of HRC and Equality NC.

“Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Equality NC condemned the NCAA’s decision to reward North Carolina with championship games despite discrimination against LGBTQ people that remains enshrined in state law…,” the groups announced after HB2 was repealed and replaced with another law they equally opposed, because it still does not allow a wide-open public restroom choice policy.

When the ACC voted to boycott North Carolina with its championships in the 2016-2017 academic year, HRC and Equality NC hailed the move.

“In standing up for LGBTQ equality,” said HRC president Chad Griffin at the time, “the ACC, the NCAA, and the NBA are all standing on the right side of history….”

With the ACC, the presidents and chancellors of its member universities direct its actions and decisions. But while in September 2016 the majority of members decided to remove ACC championships from North Carolina, Chancellor Folt at UNC-Chapel Hill and Chancellor Woodson at NC State did not support their action, as Liberty Headlines reported last week. The ACC keeps the votes of its members confidential, even though many of them represent publicly funded universities, but Folt’s and Woodson’s decisions were revealed in public records obtained from the UNC System.

On March 31st this year the ACC Council of Presidents decided to reinstate championships in North Carolina for the upcoming 2017-2018 season, but once again hid how its university leaders voted from the public. UNC-Chapel Hill officials did not respond to inquiries about how Chancellor Folt voted this time, but it is apparent that NC State’s Woodson again failed to support the transgender groups’ desire to continue an economic boycott of North Carolina.

“We cannot provide specifics about how individual members voted,” said Brad Bohlander, the NC State’s chief communications officer. “I can tell you that Chancellor Woodson supports the [ACC] council’s decision and is pleased that ACC neutral site championship competitions are coming back to North Carolina.”

But despite clear evidence that they acted against their interests, the LGBT pressure groups have left Chancellors Folt and Woodson and the universities they represent uncriticized, while they lashed out at others who acted against their agenda. Throughout 2016 Republican former Gov. Pat McCrory was the subject of angry press releases from HRC while his Democrat challenger (and eventual November victor) Roy Cooper was given fawning support. The Republicans who hold supermajorities in the North Carolina House of Representatives and NC Senate also were targets of repeated fury from HRC and Equality NC, while elected and candidate Democrats enjoyed support and outright endorsements.

Only when Gov. Cooper last month reached an agreement with Republican leaders to repeal HB2 and replace it with House Bill 142, which was equally odious to the LGBT groups, did Cooper receive any criticism from HRC and Equality NC. But that has been comparatively short-lived.

LGBT advocacy groups on the campuses of UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State have also been mute about their chancellors’ failure to back economic attacks on the state in support of their cause. At UNC, Carolina Advocates for Gender Equality, Sexuality and Gender Alliance, and Tar Heels 4 Equality all failed to respond to inquiries about their views of Folt’s ACC votes. At NC State, representatives of the GLBT CommUNITY Alliance, T-Files, Queer People of Color, AcePack, and Bi/[email protected] have had nothing to say publicly about Woodson’s votes against their agenda.

One supporter of the original HB2 has a theory about why the open-bathrooms policy proponents have been so quiet about Folt and Woodson.



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