Left’s Amendments Challenge Heading to Supreme Court?

RALEIGH – A Wake County Superior Court Judge hearing consolidated challenges to a handful of constitutional amendment referenda, filed by Cooper and the NAACP (among other Leftist groups), announced Tuesday that he planned to hand it off to the N.C. Supreme Court if feasible.

Judge Ridgeway said he is asking Chief Justice Mark Martin of the Supreme Court to convene a three-judge panel to consider the case. He may still issue a temporary injunction, but the ballot printing process is already halted as a result of another legal challenge. The high court is where Ridgeway said the case should be decided.

Because the timeline of deciding these cases is so important, however, the judge is also apparently holding on to the possibility of a back up plan that would see him retain jurisdiction if the higher court cannot convene a judicial panel in a timely fashion.

All of this because the Left doesn’t want you to have a say in how to amend the constitution for as long as it risks hamstringing their future efforts to over-tax them, for instance.

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The next several days promise to be consequential ones for the 2018 elections, again reduced to court watching because the Democrats can’t convince the public of the merit in their arguments on their own.


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