Left Salivates Over Popular ‘Serial’ Podcast Focus on 2018 NC Absentee Ballot Fraud Saga (With No Sense of Irony Whatsoever)

RALEIGH – Voter fraud? What are you, a conspiracy theorist?!

That has been the basic, pre-packaged retort to anyone questioning the relative security of mail-in ballots, motivations behind ad hoc election rule changes, or even giving a mention to a bevy of statistical anomalies.

EXCEPT, when acknowledging the legitimacy of such questions coincides with an opportunity to trash Republicans, THEN the Left is hot on the trail of the scourge of voter fraud!

Indeed, the professional Leftists of North Carolina are super excited about the news that the producers of a very popular podcast called Serial, made in conjunction with the New York Times, is launching a new podcast focusing on the 2018 absentee ballot fraud scandal of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District Race between Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready — the only election fraud concerns not treated as invisible or pure kookery by modern American Leftists.

From INDY Week:

“At first, it seemed Republican Mark Harris narrowly defeated Democrat Dan McCready in the 9th District Congressional race.

It was too good to be true. Upon investigation, election officials uncovered absentee ballot fraud. The investigation found that among mail-in ballots, Harris snagged more than 60 percent of the vote despite registered Republicans making up only 19 percent of those who voted by mail.

The Improvement Association podcast is a collaboration between the producers of Serial and The New York Times. This American Life producer Zoe Chace traveled to North Carolina to attend court hearings and conduct interviews.

“We’ve been working with them for well over a year on that project,” North Carolina State Board of Elections spokesman Pat Gannon told the INDY. “They were patient. They asked for a lot of information, and we’ve provided what we can.” […]”

The inherent insecurity of mail-in ballots, lurking dangers of ballot harvesting, and statistical anomalies — sound familiar?

Such talk in reference to the 2020 elections will earn you no less than a tinfoil hat and maybe even a pink slip, but this? This is 2018 we’re talking about, and the Republicans are the bad guys, which means those concerns (backed with evidence) are completely valid and worthy of more and more coverage.

However, there may be a problem for the Left. In digging around to highlight 2018 scandal (that presumably hurts Republicans), the reporters are hearing a lot that doesn’t quite fit the ‘Republican Bad’ narrative. From the NYT introduction to the new podcast (emphasis added):

“A few years ago, Bladen County, N.C., made national headlines. In 2018, Mark Harris, a Republican, beat out his Democratic opponent for a congressional seat, but the election was later thrown out and a new election was called after his campaign was investigated over suspicions of absentee-ballot fraud.

But according to some local residents, the authorities got it all wrong. They say there’s a powerful group still at work in the county, tampering with elections, bullying voters and stealing votes — a Black advocacy group, the Bladen County Improvement Association. These accusations have never been substantiated, but they persist.

Join Zoe Chace as she travels to Bladen County to find out what’s behind all this suspicion. Who exactly is making the accusations? And in small-town politics, where rumors and allegations abound, how can you be sure who is telling the truth? […]”

Welp. In an effort to get more drama out of the 9th District 2018 Saga, they might end up losing the whole ‘Democrat Voter Fraud is a Myth‘ narrative for the Left!

The degree to which this podcast honestly treats these questions, and the evidence, the Left will similarly adjust their level of focus on the cool new podcast.

Hype Republican wrongdoing, and dismiss charges against the Improvement Association as some sort of implicit racial bias? The Left will love it.

Examine how harvesting and fraud worked in 2018, and then lay out how it still happens, and to the Nth degree, from local Democrats? Nothing to see here.

You can already tell by the teasing synopsis that the producers do not wan’t to give any credence to any notion that Democrats maybe the ones running massively corrupt local political mobs in locales like Bladen County.

Whereas hasty conclusions and smears were launched at the earliest sign of funny business in 2018 Bladen County, accusations against the Left get the third degree.

‘Could this be true?!’ 

Let’s hope they really intend to find out, and share, instead of merely serving as a tool to further bury voter integrity and election fraud issues as if they are nothing more than dangerous conspiracy fodder for disaffected Deplorables.

The podcast launches April 13.

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