Left Maintains Hyperbolic Race-Rage Against Voter ID

RALEIGH – Despite getting majority approval from voters, significant support among Democrats and ‘independent’ voters, and a more than a fair level of accommodation with respect to implementation, professional Leftists are still beating the racism drum on voter ID.

The N.C. NAACP, led by Rev. Anthony Spearman after Rev. William Barber moved on to greener pastures, is leading the charge on this front. After categorizing all of the current General Assembly’s actions as invalid because it is “illegal” due to gerrymandering, Spearman offered comments to legislators Monday to make it known that he thinks voter ID is also a racist voter suppression tool.

Being the loyal Leftist they are, WRAL republished Spearman’s remarks as an editorial on Tuesday, just to push the tired narrative along.

“I stand here today arm and arm with people of conscience and good will defending democracy in the state of North Carolina. Together, we demand this illegal N.C. General Assembly

End the anti-democracy crusade to steal our right to vote; and

Renew our call for this unconstitutional General Assembly to cease this unnecessary legislative action!

This lame duck usurper legislature had no lawful authority to put the photo voter ID (State Constitutional amendment) on the 2018 ballot in the first place. It has no business convening this special session to discuss enacting legislation of that unconstitutional amendment.

Put simply: The photo voter ID constitutional amendment that was passed earlier this month is invalid. The General Assembly should take no action to implement it until the courts can rule on its constitutionality.

As the chair of this committee knows, the current General Assembly is a creature of racist maps. This leadership caucus of the General Assembly came to power because it successfully implemented one of the largest unconstitutional racial gerrymanders the federal courts have ever seen.”

An anti-Democracy crusade to steal black people’s votes. It’s hard to tell if they take their own rhetoric seriously, or if they are knowingly hyperbolic because they think this an effective method of shaping public opinion. It has certainly worked for the Left in the past.

However, doesn’t the high level of support for Voter ID contradict the very notion that it is a racist ploy to steal votes? Spearman cares not.

“A racist photo voter ID amendment has long been a part of this extremist General Assembly’s plans to suppress the voices of people of color and illegally keep control for itself.

This General Assembly, which itself is a result of racist tactics designed to limit the power of Black voters, has already passed a photo voter ID law. That law was struck down by the federal courts as intentionally racially discriminatory.”

How insulting is this line of thinking to people of color, that an organization ostensibly engaged in representing their interests thinks them incapable of obtaining a virtual cornucopia of acceptable forms of identification to vote?

Of course, it is easy to conclude that the NAACP does not represent the interest of of “colored people” at all; it remains viable exclusively in order to push a social justice agenda for the Left. No matter that the Left’s policies themselves represent many of the ills faced by the black community and do nothing but perpetuate a sad state of endless victimhood and dependence of a multitude of demographic factions in this country.

If you were holding your breath for some return to sanity after voters made it clear that they support common sense measures to protect people’s votes, you can go ahead and exhale – it’s a lost cause.

Read more of the comically over the top rhetoric from Spearman here.


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