Leader of Trump-hating, BLM Loving, Leftist ‘Boogaloo Bois’: ‘We Infiltrated MAGA, Breached Capitol’

Mike Dunn, leader of the Small Bois

WASHINGTON, D.C. – You know that unsettling feeling where, something just isn’t right? That distinct feeling was pervasive through out the thousands of Trump supporters in our nation’s capital on the night of January 6, 2021. The violence that descended upon on the U.S. Capitol didn’t sit well with anyone First in Freedom Daily spoke with; not a single Trump supporter so much as uttered a syllable in support of such actions.

Instead, it just felt wrong. It was blatantly ruinous of the day’s peaceful, if loud, message. In one afternoon it undermined and made toxic the entire MAGA movement, overshadowed constant appeals for peaceful protests (as opposed to the violence of the Left), and smeared as a violent insurrectionist anyone who so much as attended the speeches or similarly questioned the integrity of the 2020 elections.

Why would any Trump supporter think that such a violent convulsion would bring about anything positive? At best it was the shortsighted emotions of infantile people boiling over without regard for the consequences. At worst, it was helped along with exactly those consequences in mind.

Something just isn’t right about it all; and that feeling may be well placed.

Already, one Antifa/BLM linked Leftist has been arrested, caught on video bragging about posing as a Trump supporter and breaking windows at the Capitol. He can also be heard on his own video recordings inciting a crowd to violently enter restricted areas of the Capitol, and after filming the fatal shooting of Ashley Babbit (in a mob action he helped hype up), he boasts about how, “We did it.”

Well, now there is evidence that even more anti-Trump forces were involved in the breach of the Capitol and the associated violence. A leader of the ‘Boogaloo Bois’ named Mike Dunn is documented boasting online about how he and associated groups infiltrated the MAGA crowds and had multiple ‘fireteams’ breach and get inside the Capitol.

The Boogaloo Bois, often construed in the media as some sort of Far Right group, are actually a Leftist, anti-police group of anarchists that want to topple the federal government (and all sanctioned authority). They are armed, use the vernacular of ‘liberty’ and ‘tyrants,’ but in reality they align with BLM/Antifa and glorify the killing of law enforcement and agents of the state.

In short, these ‘bois’ are small; they suffer from a voluntary form of mental retardation; and, they are trouble.

Trouble is exactly what they brought to the U.S. Capitol on January 6, it seems.

Dunn told Reuters on January 8, just two days after the Capitol violence, “three or four groups of loyalists under his command helped storm the Capitol this week.

From Reuters:

“[…] While most “boogaloos” are libertarians [Editor’s note: you know, the libertarians that support killing innocent people] who largely oppose Trump, Dunn said the group embraced the moment to strike against the government.

The mob swarmed the home of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, succeeding in temporarily interrupting a formal vote to confirm Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Dunn’s hope is that the incident – which resulted in five deaths – will trigger more actions in the months ahead. He said his group would seek to advance its own agenda by participating at protests and other events with those angry over Trump’s loss, even if they held other beliefs.

Dunn said boogaloos would be “working overtime” to advance their cause. When asked whether boogaloos had planned to attack the Capitol, he responded: “Just know there is more to come.”

While Dunn said he did not participate in the Capitol siege himself, he shared footage on social media that purported to show boogaloo members tussling with police and forcing their way through barriers outside the building. […]”

So, anti-Trump radicals admit to acting as a spark and an accelerant on January 6. The result is a near universal smearing of Donald Trump (who Dunn and his Small Bois view as a ‘tyrant’) as inciting an insurrection, a purge of Trump and his team, and the framing and shaming of Trump supporters at the speech or otherwise.

The feeling shared by so many Trump supporters on the night of January 6 — that things just didn’t add up — was justified.

Now Trump has been impeached a second time, the MAGA movement has been hobbled in a major way, and the Left is leveraging the narrative to empower their Woke agenda even further. And here’s where the Small Bois mental handicap comes into full display; the Nation’s capital, and state capitals around the country, is as militarized with federal forces as it’s ever been in modern times. Good job, bois!

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