Keep America Great: Trump Formally Launches 2020 Reelection Campaign, Raises NEarly $25 million in 24 Hrs

ORLANDO, FL – President Donald Trump greeted throngs of supporters in Orlando Tuesday for the official launch of his 2020 reelection campaign and the scene was more akin to a rock concert than a political event. Such has been a characteristic of the Trump campaign, even from the early days of his first run for president, with rallies attracting thousands of people willing to wait in line to chant ‘USA!USA!’ and be in the presence of easily the most unconventional politician in recent memory.

And the fervor has not died off by the looks of the crowd in Orlando. Despite the press reporting lackluster approval ratings and citing bad poll numbers, thousands lined up for hours to attend the Orlando campaign re-launch and listen to all the greatest hits MAGA has to offer. Except, this time, instead of ‘Make America Great Again,’ President Trump let the crowd know that 2020 is all about ‘Keep America Great’ by giving him another four years in the Oval Office.

It appears that a whole lot of people want to do just that, and they are putting their money behind it, too. In one day, Trump raised more money than the five highest polling Democrat contenders combined, a clip of nearly $1 million an hour.

From Fox News:

“President Trump’s campaign operation raised a whopping $24.8 million in less than 24 hours amid his 2020 re-election launch in Florida on Tuesday — a figure that blows past what any of the Democratic candidates raised in the entire first quarter.

“@realDonaldTrump has raised a record breaking $24.8M in less than 24 hours for his re-election. The enthusiasm across the country for this President is unmatched and unlike anything we’ve ever seen! #trump2020 #KeepAmericaGreat,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted early Wednesday morning.

The president tweeted “THANK YOU!” in response.

According to an RNC spokesman, the fundraising — at a clip of $1 million an hour — came through the Trump re-election campaign and joint-fundraising committees Trump Victory and Trump MAGAC (Make America Great Again Committee).

Minutes later, RNC Communications Director Michael Ahrens tweeted: “For those keeping score, that’s more than the 5 highest polling Democrats—combined.”

Ahrens was referring to the top five polling Democratic candidates’ fundraising during the 24 hours after they announced their presidential bids. Among them, former Vice President Joe Biden raked in $6.3 million and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., brought in $5.9 million, with the others raising significantly less than that.

But none of the candidates hit $20 million even in the first quarter.

Sanders brought in $18.2 million in the first 41 days of his campaign; Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., brought in $12 million during the first three months of this year; former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas raised $9.4 million; and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised $7.1 million.

Democratic presidential primary front-runner Biden, who announced after the first quarter, hinted this week at raising roughly $20 million so far, as he tours the fundraising circuit with a series of top-dollar events.

But the Trump campaign re-launch surpassed that in 24 hours […]”

Passing the Democratic front runner’s total haul in just one day? That’s ‘big league,’ the president might say, but also impressive for the sheer enthusiasm the White House incumbent has maintained. The funds raised combined with the energy and rock-concert-like feel of these rallies shows Trump continuing to break molds.

Even President Barack Obama, who was the first black president in our country’s history, the Democrats’ darling, given a messianic treatment my the Left-leaning press, had a massive trail off in event attendance for his reelection bid. The crowd-shrink for Obama was so acute that his campaign had to adjust on the fly, booking smaller venues as to not be embarrassed.

But Trump? Despite the manufactured scandals and the full force of the media and Democrats (and some Republicans along the way) working against him, his rally crowds continue to burst at the seams and take on full on party festival vibes. Or perhaps, it is because of the manufactured scandals and biased media that it appears so many Trump supporters are doubling down for 2020.

Still, even with the gangbusters 24 hour fundraising take, or the hordes of energetic supporters waiting hours to attend his 2020 campaign launch rally, the press invariably points to polling numbers that put Trump behind hypothetical opponents like Biden. In this way, the media doesn’t seemed to have learned much from 2016, when polls had him losing all the way up to election day, and 2020 could teach the lesson all over again.

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